MSACL 2022 : Solano

MSACL 2022 Industry Workshop Presentation

*This Podium Presentation is occuring in the context of an Industry Workshop that starts at the time below. Its actual start time may be up to 40 minutes later, depending on order of presentation if there are multiple presentations planned by the workshop host.

Workshop Host:Indigo BioAutomation
Day:Thursday April 7
Location:De Anza 2 (Track 2)

Data Analytics, Change Management and Elevating Laboratory Performance
Romeo Solano, Ph.D.
Quest Diagnostics


Why do staff migrate to certain instruments when they need to report results within a defined turn-around time? Is everyone following your SOPs? Big data analysis can provide insights into operational transformation of processes in every laboratory, show how instruments and staff members are performing, and guide root cause analysis to drive actionable solutions. Using Tableau to analyze data system (such as Indigo BioAutomation's ASCENT) flags and decisions with respect to Calibrators, QCs, and Unknowns, this presentation will demonstrate how effective changes to LC-MS/MS procedures can benefit process and reduce data review time.