MSACL 2023 : Rao

MSACL 2023 Industry Workshop Presentation

*This Podium Presentation is occuring in the context of an Industry Workshop that starts at the time below. Its actual start time may be up to 40 minutes later, depending on order of presentation if there are multiple presentations planned by the workshop host.

Workshop Host:Indigo BioAutomation
Day:Wednesday April 5
Location:Steinbeck 2

Part I – Prepare, Practice, Perform
Ridhima Rao, MS - Forensic Sciences
Millennium Health


Any enterprise-wide change, such as implementing a new paradigm for LC-MS/MS analysis, has real costs on the way to real benefits. Yet the benefits can be truly transformational, in terms of technical efficiency, business performance, and personal growth. So how does a lab undertake such an effort – not just in terms of whiteboard discussions and project plans, but in the real day-to-day work? This presentation will describe how one lab did exactly that.