MSACL 2023 : Yannell

MSACL 2023 Industry Workshop Presentation

*This Podium Presentation is occuring in the context of an Industry Workshop that starts at the time below. Its actual start time may be up to 40 minutes later, depending on order of presentation if there are multiple presentations planned by the workshop host.

Workshop Host:Agilent Technologies
Day:Thursday April 6
Location:Steinbeck 2

Targeted Omics Workflows for Your Lab
Karen Yannell, PhD
Agilent Technologies


Looking to add omics research to your lab? Join us for a talk focusing on targeted metabolite and lipid solutions that Agilent supports on our Infinity II Bio LC and our a reproducible, sensitive, and robust 6495C LC/TQ. An emphasis will be spent on an End-to-End HILIC metabolomics workflow for polar metabolites and a C18 lipidomics method intended for large cohort studies. Included in the End-to-End workflow will be automated sample prep to capture metabolites and lipids from the same sample and data analysis workflows that highlight biological changes.