MSACL 2024 : Wynn

MSACL 2024 Industry Workshop Presentation

*This Podium Presentation is occuring in the context of an Industry Workshop that starts at the time below. Its actual start time may be up to 40 minutes later, depending on order of presentation if there are multiple presentations planned by the workshop host.

Workshop Host:Waters Corporation
Day:Wednesday March 20
Location:Steinbeck 3 (Conference Ctr > 2nd Floor)

Simpler, Smarter Solutions: The Waters Total LC-MS/MS Workflow
Anna Wynn, MS, MBA

Presenter Bio: Growing up I wanted to save the oceans and live at the beach. But, early in my career, I realized that scientists need strong advocates in business to fund innovation and deliver new technologies to the globe. Today, I focus my skills on balancing the P&L to sustain cutting edge R&D and support premium products and services for scientific advancement. I enjoy building multi functional teams who foster a culture of engagement, diversity, and inclusion. My experiences include; executive leadership, global marketing and sales, business development, product road map management and development, quality management, regulatory pathways, medical devices, and regenerative medicine research and therapy. Away from the office I still try and get to the beach for a day with my 3 kids, or yoga on the beach.


LC-MS/MS is the gold standard for a wide range of analytical methods in clinical laboratories, with its orthogonality providing powerful levels of selectivity and analytical sensitivity for a range of small and large molecules. The Waters™ Total Solution LC-MS/MS Workflow has been designed to improve the user experience of LC-MS/MS to allow more users to successfully utilize the technique in their laboratories.