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The MSACL Organization


The Association for
Mass Spectrometry & Advances in the Clinical Lab


MSACL is committed to the advancement of mass spectrometry as applied in the clinical laboratory through education and training of practitioners, physicians, laboratory scientists, industrial scientists, and health care professionals involved in patient care and management. MSACL supports the development of new technologies in mass spectrometry to be used in laboratory medicine; including diagnosis, treatment, and prognosis of clinical disorders.

MSACL was incorporated in May 2009 as non-profit and is tax exempt under 501(c)(3). The association's mission is to further the accumulation and sharing of expertise in the area of mass spectrometry as it applies to the clinical laboratory. As part of this mission the association hosts the annual MSACL conference.

About the Conference Attendees

MSACL conference attendees include individuals interested in the educational, medical, scientific, economic, and regulatory aspects of the applications of mass spectrometry in the clinical laboratory. These individuals include pathologists, clinical laboratory scientists, clinicians, government employees - especially those involved in regulation of the field - and professionals in the in vitro diagnostics industry.

MSACL attendees are involved in all aspects of clinical mass spectrometry analysis: performance, interpretation, reporting of diagnostic tests, assay development and validation, and medical education. Many members participate in research aimed at broadening the understanding of disease processes, and developing new technologies. MSACL aims to inform and educate its members as well as other professionals interested in mass spectrometry through its annual meeting and website.