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About FeMS

Females in Mass Spectrometry (FeMS) is an initiative to bring together women in the mass spectrometry field. The goals of this group include: encouraging collaboration and mentorship, a resource for speakers and committee members, and as a way to facilitate supporting each other in our careers. This initiative is in the process of forming and the first official event will be a discussion group at MSACL EU in Salzburg in September 2019.

FeMS is a global initiative. It supports related events anywhere women in mass spec happen to be gathered, be it a Regional Conference, International Event, University Campus and anything in-between. FeMS exists within the MSACL Association for the purposes of accepting donations and accounting, but is otherwise an independent community interest group. 100% of any donations made to FeMS through MSACL will be used by the FeMS all-volunteer committee for FeMS activities.