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Practical Training

Practical Training

The Practical Training track at MSACL began as a resource for “newbies” to mass spectrometry but has evolved over time into a forum for those who want to enhance and exchange information about their practice of diagnostic mass spectrometry in a production environment. Rather than cutting edge techniques and the latest research, we explore the quotidian, universal but highly complex problems of method development, validation and production that are rarely published. Our goal is to provide expert advice and networking to help each other overcome the day to day challenges of diagnostic mass spectrometry.

Some Practical Training sessions are available online.

Troubleshooting Poster Rounds are a significant component of Practical Training. A video describing the rounds and several troubleshooting posters of note are below.

What Happened to My Topiramate?
Magdalena Rajska
SPADIA Lab, a.s.
Optimizing Chromatographic Conditions for HILIC Analysis of Catecholamines
Gareth Hammond
Waters Corporation
An Alternative Solution to High Blank Problems
Anne Schmedes
Department of Clinical Biochemistry
Metformin Interference in LC-MS/MS Analysis of Plasma Methoxycatecholamines
Marianne Bergmann
Lillebaelt Hospital, Vejle
Charge Wars of Ion Suppression - Awakening the Force for the Analysis of Estrogens in Clinical Research
Robert Wardle
Waters Corporation
Cortisol Everywhere!
Neus Fabregat-Cabello
University of Liège, CHU de Liège
Deuterium or 13C-labeled internal standards for quantification of methylmalonic acid in serum?
Morten Trelle
Department of Clinical Biochemistry, OUH Svendborg