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Early Career Network

Early Career Network (ECN) Participant Directory

The Early Career Network is meant to include not only scientists who are at the start of their career, but also mentors and hiring managers who are willing to share their experience and serve as a resource for the next-generation of scientists. There are no age limits or requirements to participate. Public listing in this directory is optional as a member.

Niloofar Abolhasani Khaje

The University of Mississippi

Doctoral Student (expected transition in 2020)

1e Interests: Proteomics, Protein Structure, LC-MS/MS Method Development, HRPF-MS

Rebecca Bearden, BSc, MSc

Cleveland State University

Doctoral Student (expected transition in 2022)

1e Interests: Proteomics, Bioinformatics, Oncology/Biomarkers

A. Colleen Crouch, PhD

UT MD Anderson Cancer Center

Post-Doc, Mentor (Acad)

1e Interests: Mass spectrometry imaging, Interventional Radiology, Cancer ablation and embolization treatments, preclinical MRI, cardiovascular imaging

Erika Dorado

Imperial College London

Doctoral Student

Jessica Espino

University of Maryland, Baltimore

Doctoral Student (expected transition in 2020), Mentor (Acad)

1e Interests: Protein structure, proteomics, mass spectrometry

Sina Feizbakhsh Bazargani

University of Florida

Doctoral Student (expected transition in 2023)

1e Interests: MALDI Imaging, Metabolomics

Roland Geyer, Ph.D.

Thermo Fisher Diagnostics

Mentor (Ind), Mentor (Acad)

1e Interests: Clinical Mass Spectrometry, Automation, Lipidomics, Metabolomics, Microbiology

Amber Herold


Mentor (Ind), Mentor (Acad)

1e Interests: Data Science, Community Building, Hiking

Ólöf Gerður Ísberg, M.Sc.

University of Iceland/Imperial Collage London

Doctoral Student (expected transition in 2021)

1e Interests: Mass spectrometry imaging Metabolomics Breast cancer

Sreenath Nair, Ph.D.

St. Jude Children's Research Hospital


1e Interests: Clinical Mass Spectrometry, Pharmacokinetics, Metabolomics, Lipidomics, Bioinformatics

Hoda Safari Yazd

University of Florida, MSACL Early Career Network

Doctoral Student (expected transition in 2022)

1e Interests: Metabolomics, Lipidomics, Machine Learning

Sumedh Sankhe, MS - Data Science

Masters Student (expected transition in 2020)

Emily Sekera, PhD

The Ohio State University

Post-Doc (expected transition in 2022)

1e Interests: Imaging Mass Spectrometry, -Omics Based Techniques

Mudita Vats

The University of Auckland

Doctoral Student (expected transition in 2024)

1e Interests: Imaging Mass Spectrometry, LC-MS/MS, Proteomics, Therapeutics, Microbiology

Ethan Yang, PhD, BSc

Université de Montréal, MSACL Early Career Network

Doctoral Student (expected transition in 2020)

1e Interests: Method development of MALDI-TOF imaging mass spectrometry for clinical and discovery-based research applications

Richard Yost, PhD

University of Florida

Mentor (Acad), Looking to Hire

1e Interests: analytical mass spec, metabolomics

Xueyun Zheng, PhD

Pacific Northwest National Lab

Mentor (Govt)

1e Interests: Metabolomics; lipidomics; New MS technology development and applications in clinical diagnostics