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MSACL Reviewer Database

MSACL has a curated list of people who have expressed interest in reviewing manuscripts. Follow the link below and then at the bottom of the page there is a button that says "Admin Detail". You need to enter a passcode in the text box to the right of the button and then click the button. Obtain passcode from [email protected]
Go HERE to view additional reviewers by topic.

JMSACL Editorial Workflow

StepActionActorDuration (days)
1Submission to JMSACLAuthor0
2Forward to Editor-in-ChiefAutomated0
3Forward to Handling EditorEditor-in-Chief1-3
4Select & Assign ReviewersEditor1-14
5Interaction between Reviewers and Authors, managed by EditorEditor / Authors / Reviewers15-45
6Assemble ReviewsEditor1-4
7Send Recommendation to Editor-in-ChiefEditor1
8Notify Author of Acceptance StatusEditor-in-Chief1-2
9Forward Accepted Manuscripts to Managing Editor for Copy Editing (Polishing)Editor-in-Chief1-2
10Copy Edit ProofManaging Editor1-10
11Forward to Editor-in-ChiefManaging Editor1
12Forward to Author for Review of Copy EditsEditor-in-Chief1
13Review Copy EditsAuthor1-7
14Repeat Copy Edit Cycle as requested by Managing Editor0-14
15Send to ProductionEditor-in-Chief1-4

Clinical Mass Spectrometry (Historical Reference)

Clinical Mass Spectrometry Scopus Citation Details

Impact Factor at name change : 1.172

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Impact Factor and Journal Name Change

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The Effect of Journal Title Changes on Impact Factors (PDF)

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