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What are the Industry Solution Pages?

Industry Solutions allow you to create a presence for your company under the umbrella of MSACL. Think of it as your virtual exhibit booth at MSACL. You can post videos, documents, Twitter feeds, chat boxes and any other information relevant to products and services offered.

If you are interested in opening a Industry Solutions page for your company please contact Chris Herold at [email protected].


The Industry Solutions pages are priced based on commercial status (profit or non-profit).

Price per month with contract for x Months
Total Months (x)123456789101112+
For Profit $1,000 $948 $896 $844 $792 $740 $688 $636 $584 $532 $480 $428
Non-Profit^ $200 $190 $179 $169 $158 $148 $138 $127 $117 $106 $96 $86
^ requires proof and verification of status.

Custom Page Promotion : MSACL will promote your Industry Solution page up to once per month for $3,000 per promotion. Promotion includes a text email sent to the MSACL email contact list, as well as social media posts on Twitter and LinkedIn.

Banner Ads : Vendors may purchase a rotating top banner (1 of up to 6) on the MSACL webpage at $10,000/month (position 2 or 3), $8,000/month (position 4), $6,000/month (position 5), max of 2 vendor banners during any month.