Improving patient outcomes by overcoming the challenges
of implementing high value tests in the clinical lab


Journal of Mass Spectrometry & Advances in the Clinical Lab (JMSACL)

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Name Change from Clinical Mass Spectrometry (Why?)

JMSACL is the continuation of the journal Clinical Mass Spectrometry (CMS). Changing the name of a journal is not an easy process; however, we feel the change was necessary to reflect a broadening of the Association's aims and scope. Over the past several years, we have gradually realized that our mission is not merely to the Implementation of Mass Spectrometry in the Clinic, but to assist in the development of high value tests in the clinical lab that will improve patient care and outcome. While initially viewing mass spectrometry as the key to analytical improvements in the clinical lab, it has become clear that the integration of multiple technologies will be necessary to achieve optimal impact. In order to embrace this vision, we have shifted our mission statement to reflect our core goal, Overcoming the challenges of implementing high value tests in the clinical lab, and adjusted the name of the Association to Mass Spectrometry & Advances in the Clinical Lab*. This revised perspective was projected onto the journal and, hence, JMSACL was born.

*previously Mass Spectrometry : Applications to the Clinical Laboratory

What Happens to my Article if I Published in CMS?

All existing publications with CMS will be held under, and affiliated with, JMSACL. In line with Elsevier's standard procedure, the journal name listed with your publication will not change. However, on the article page, there will be a statement explaining that the name of the journal has now changed. As JMSACL develops and is indexed with PubMed, all existing papers from CMS will also be listed under a green open archiving policy. There is no action you need to take at this time. Thank you for your contribution to CMS and we hope to welcome future manuscripts from yourself and colleagues for publication in JMSACL. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any queries or concerns about the upcoming transition.

The New Model Journal (JMSACL)

Platinum Open Access with Pay-What-You-Can

JMSACL operates under Platinum Open Access with a Pay-What-You-Can publishing model. While MSACL guarantees all publishing costs, authors are encouraged to support a portion of these costs, if they are able. Although the range for most open access publishing in scientific journals is generally between $1500-3500, MSACL is suggesting payment amounts of $900, but if needed, this amount can be reduced on an as-needed basis. Authors will be invoiced once their manuscript has been accepted for publication.

Aims & Scope

JMSACL publishes peer-reviewed articles addressing mass spectrometry and other advances in Laboratory Medicine and Pathology with a focus on development of diagnostic and related applications, including data science, to improve patient outcomes and reduce healthcare costs.

Beyond communication of the application of technologies in the routine clinical diagnostic setting, by publishing critically validated analytical protocols, the journal also addresses the translation of experimental techniques and analytical research into patient care, and the use of these technologies in clinical research and routine patient management. The scope of the journal is not restricted to any particular technology, but covers the entire range of technologies and advancements that are expected to impact the clinical lab.

The journal encourages submissions having a clear path to patient care, including basic and translational research, and animal studies.

Subject areas covered by the journal include, but are not restricted to:

Clinical Studies and Implementation
Cross-Technology Investigations
Data Science
Error Sources, Risk Assessment and Patient Safety
Harmonization and Standardization
Metabolomics and Metabolic Analyses
Method Development and Validation
Neonatal Screening
New Technologies
Point-of-Care Technologies
Protein Quantification
Protein Variant Detection
Quality Management
Reference Methods and Materials
Regulatory Aspects in Diagnostic Applications
Sample Preparation
Separation Science
Small Molecules
Therapeutic Drug Monitoring

Types of Submissions Considered

Reviews, graphical reviews, mini-reviews, original research papers, short communications (e.g., letters, case studies, protocols, application notes, developed poster presentations), guidelines and best practice documents, tutorials, invited editorials, opinions.

Page Charges

This journal currently has no page charges. All papers submitted are published as Open Access. Contributions to MSACL to support the Open Access initiative are welcomed and recognized on the MSACL Contributors page.

:: The Journal of Mass Spectrometry & Advances in the Clinical Lab (JMSACL) is owned by MSACL and licensed to Elsevier for publication.