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Corporate Support

Do the principles and interests of your company align with MSACL?

Would it be valuable for your company to be seen as a community supporter of MSACL & Connect?

You may want to consider joining forces with MSACL as a Corporate Partner or Member.

Corporate Partnerships are intended for companies seriously invested in moving the field forward and ready to significantly commit to making that happen.

Corporate Memberships are the first step in committing to supporting the community. Becoming a Member signals your company's interest in supporting collaboration and growth within the MSACL community.

Benefits$13,255 / yr$6,192 / yr
Website Logo Placement on Connect page under navigation, rankedYesYes
Industry Solutions Webpage
Build your company brand presence under the umbrella of MSACL
Opt-In Contacts
Receipt of opt-in contacts (approved for for vendor communication) collected by MSACL for non-sponsored Connect sessions.
Short Course Registrations
One (1) pass for any of the short courses offered on Connect, and up to two (2), total, for in-person short courses.
Connect Breakout Room
Join any non-sponsored MSACL Connect seminar with your own company Breakout Room, incl introduction by MSACL at beginning of session.
Connect Webinar, discount50%25%
Connect Open Educational Grant Sponsorship, discount50%25%
Connect Feed Ad Banner, discount50%25%
"Thank you" on Twitter & LinkedInYes
"Thank you", with logo, in ALL non-sponsored MSACL emailsYes
"Thank you" during Intro for ALL non-sponsored CONNECT webinarsYes

Virtual "Podium" and "Poster" Presentations

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Looking to get exposure for your company's service or technology with an audience focused on technological advances in the clinical lab? You can submit an application for present your content on MSACL Connect. These presentations are categorized under Industry Solutions.

a. Industry "Podium" Presentation (up to 30 minute presentation, Q&A unlimited)

Presented onMSACL Email Promotion?Reg Info to Vendor?Pricing
ConnectYesOpt-in Only*$2,000
not incl Add-Ons
+ MSACL as moderator (introduce speaker and manage Q&A)+$500
+ pre-recorded playback by MSACL (video provided by vendor)+$1,500
+ Placement on Connect Recorded+$900/month +$50/opt-in contact returned to vendor

b. Industry "Poster" Presentation (5 minute presentation, Q&A in breakout room) as part of Poster Session

Contact MSACL and suggest a poster session topic, date and time. MSACL will then submit a call for poster abstracts to fill that poster session. If filled (minimum of 4 additional posters) the vendor will open the poster session with a 5-minute presentation, followed by 2-3 minute presentations for each additional participant. All participants will then move to breakout rooms to discuss their posters further with session attendees.

Presented onMSACL Email Promotion?Reg Info to Vendor?Pricing
ConnectYesOpt-in Only*$1,000
• MSACL moderates
• No pre-recorded playback (live only)
• No commercial logo placement

`All MSACL Connect session are promoted via the MSACL email contact list at least once.

^All MSACL hosted webinars include a customizable registration survey.

*Opt-in Only : Registrants will be asked if they want to share their information with the sponsoring vendor. Only data for registrants who Opt-In will be shared.

Open Educational Grant Sponsorship Webinar

You choose the target audience, MSACL identifies the topic and speaker. Your logo is placed in the profile listing for the selected webinar on the MSACL Connect feed. The webinar is listed as an Open Educational Grant.

- Host -Reg Link(s)In "Connect" FeedReg Info to Vendor Pricing
MSACL^MSACL, with link trackingYesOpt-in Only*$110 per unique attendee, up to $11,000
Up to 300 attendees
not incl Add-Ons
INCLUDES: MSACL moderation of session (introduce speaker and manage Q&A)
Add-Ons (no minimums)
+ Registration collection after placement in Recorded feed+$1000/month

^All MSACL hosted webinars include a customizable registration survey.

*Opt-in Only : For MSACL-hosted webinars registrants will be asked if they want to share their information with the sponsoring vendor. Only data for registrants who Opt-In will be shared with the Sponsoring Vendor.

Advertising Banners

Connect "In-Feed" Banners

Place an ad banner between webinar profiles.

60 pixels high by 700 pixels wide.

Includes hyperlink as part of banner.

Demo Banner Below


Banner Posting Duration
Position*1 Week2 weeks3 Weeks4 weeks
1$1,000 $1,900 $2,700 $3,400
2$960 $1,824 $2,592 $3,264
3$922 $1,751 $2,488 $3,133
4$885 $1,681 $2,389 $3,008
5$849 $1,614 $2,293 $2,888
6$815 $1,549 $2,202 $2,772
7$783 $1,487 $2,113 $2,661
8$751 $1,428 $2,029 $2,555
9$721 $1,371 $1,948 $2,453
10$693 $1,316 $1,870 $2,355

*Position in Connect feed demarcated to right of banner. See banner above for example.

"Header" Banners

Vendors may purchase a rotating header banner (1 of up to 6) on the MSACL webpage at $3,000/week (position 2 or 3, assigned by MSACL), $2,500/week (position 4), $2,000/week (position 5), max of 2 vendor banners during any month.