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Presented at 2015_EU

Introduction to Mass Analyzers: Quadrupole vs. Time-Of-Flight (TOF)
Jörg Hanrieder
University of Gothenburg

Choosing a mass analyzer for clinical analysis is an important step in setting up a mass spectrometry laboratory. But what is a mass analyzer? Are all mass analyzers are created equal? What types of clinical tests can be validated on each? Each type of mass analyzer has its own benefits and caveats in mass resolution, sensitivity, and dynamic range for small molecule analysis. Choosing a mass analyzer to suit the needs of the clinical laboratory is an important consideration to make. This lecture will focus on quadruple and time of flight (TOF) mass analyzers for identification and quantification of small molecules. This lecture will also describe how these different mass analyzers actually create mass separations and will describe the various clinical applications available to each.

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