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Presented at 2015_EU

Brief Sample Preparation Topic Review - Extraction Options for Neutral, Non-Polar Analytes in Serum - Say Good-By to Phospholipids
Judy Stone
University of California, San Diego Health System

Extraction protocols that concentrate neutral, non-polar serum analytes to pg/mL lower limits of quantitation and remove enough matrix to produce a robust method are challenging to develop. Serum phospholipids are present at mg/mL concentrations and contain a charged phosphate group and non-polar fatty acids. This amphipathic structure complicates removal of phospholipids during extraction. Insufficient removal of phospholipids may cause substantial LC-MSMS ion suppression and compromised method robustness -- shortened column lifetimes, shifting retention times, high baselines, and decreased MSMS sensitivity. We will review commonly used LC-MSMS extraction protocols for the ability to concentrate non-ionizable analytes while optimally removing serum phospholipids.

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