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Presented at 2015_EU

Strategy to Identify and Validate Urinary Steroid Biomarkers Obtained by Untargeted LC-MS/MS Metabolomics: Application to Human Cases of Dioxin Exposure
Fabienne Jeanneret
University of Geneva

In vitro metabolic reactions were investigated to improve the identification rate from urinary biomarkers obtained by untargeted metabolomic approaches. A previous study performed with UHPLC-QTOF highlighted a subset of 24 urinary steroid and bile acid biomarkers in human cases of acute dioxin exposure. Biosynthesis of glucuronide and sulfate conjugates of biomarker candidates, respectively produced in human liver microsomes and cytosolic fractions, was demonstrated as a successful approach to identify urinary metabolites when authentic chemical standards are not commercially available. Analysis of the biomarkers subset in an independent human cohort exposed to dioxins strengthened the hypothesis of dysregulated profiles of steroids and bile acids.

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