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Presented at 2015_EU

CESI-MS as a Tool for Glycosylation Analysis of PSA and Improved Ionization Efficiency with Acetonitrile-enriched Nebulizer Gas
Guinevere S. M. Kammeijer
Leiden University Medical Center

A powerful analytical platform for the analysis of biomolecules is capillary electrophoresis – electrospray ionization – mass spectrometry (CESI-MS). Implementation of an acetonitrile-enriched nebulizer gas on the CESI-MS system yielded a more robust platform as well as a gain in sensitivity compared to the conventional platform. The gain in sensitivity could aid in the analysis of samples which are only available in minute amounts. The conventional CESI-MS method was used for the analysis of the glycoprotein prostate specific antigen (PSA). We were able to identify 50 different N-glycans on a single N-glycosylation site (N69). The used method shows great potential for studying PSA in prostate cancer research to identify disease related alterations of glycosylation in an early stage and therefore could be a promising tool for diagnostic and prognostic evaluation.

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