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  1. You may only submit ONE abstract, unless you are recruited to present in the Practical Training Track, or you are submitting a TROUBLESHOOTING ABSTRACT.

  2. If you submit for a podium and are not selected, your abstract will be immediately considered for a poster position.

  3. While presenter substitutions are permitted, they MAY NOT result in any individual presenting more than one abstract.

  4. Following acceptance, in order to become part of the Scientific Program you must purchase a FULL conference registration (not Exhibits Only).

Troubleshooting Forum :: Poster Only

The Troubleshooting Forum has been created to provide a setting for discussion between LC-MSMS users working in clinical diagnostics. If you've had an LC-MSMS problem that has either been resolved with troubleshooting techniques, or is still in the process of resolution - this is an opportunity to share your experience with other clinical laboratory users. The more resolution needed the better. Simple or complex, method development, method validation or production - all types of troubleshooting cases are needed. If you learned something from it, the chances are someone else can learn something as well. The intent is to stimulate discussion and to propagate expertise and solutions on those aspects of the mass spectrometry experience that rarely see daylight ... when everything goes horribly wrong. This is not about being perfect, or even close. Come to learn, or come to share. Or both. One or more Troubleshooting Poster Rounds will be scheduled in which a team of experienced users (and interested attendees) will visit posters to listen to a brief summary by the presenter, and then discuss the case and provide suggestions. If you want your poster to be included in Troubleshooting Poster Rounds, select the Troubleshooting Poster Rounds topic when you submit your abstract.

The Review Process:
All submitted abstracts are reviewed by members of the Scientific Committee for scientific merit and appropriateness of content. Abstracts submitted for a podium presentation, but which are not chosen for an oral presentation will automatically be considered for poster contention.

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You may submit ONE abstract.