Accelerating the Implementation of Mass Spectrometry in the Clinical Lab



Salzburg, Austria September 10-14


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Plenary Lecture Series

>> Tuesday 14:00 @ Europa Hall
Quantification of proteins in complex biological samples by LC-MS
Rainer Bischoff
University of Groningen

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The quantification of proteins in complex biological samples is central to many areas of research, as well as to industrial and clinical applications. Especially the clinical chemistry laboratory uses quantitative protein assays on a daily basis to assist in medical decision making, for example, in defining the best therapy for a given disease or in disease diagnosis. While quantitative protein assays have relied and rely to a major part on ligand binding assays (LBAs) and in particular on immunoassays, we experience the advent of liquid chromatography mass spectrometry (LC-MS) assays as an alternative or complement to LBAs. In this lecture I will delineate the advantages and shortcomings of LBAs and LC-MS assays with the goal of showing that there is no single approach that can answer all questions. I will notably address the point that proteins do not exist as single molecular entities in vivo and that we must therefore refer to proteins as families.

>> Wednesday 9:00 @ Europa Hall
Ian Wilson
Imperial College London

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>> Wednesday 12:00 @ Europa Hall
Distinguished Contribution Awardee
Isabelle Fournier
Laboratoire PRISM U1192, INSERM

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