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Getting There

The flight into Salzburg from Frankfurt is no problem at all. Many consider flying to Munich and taking the train, but the travel time from the Munich Airport to the Munich Hauptbahnhof (Main Train Station) is almost one hour, and from there to Salzburg it is another 1.5 - 2 hrs (once you are on the train). There are shuttle services from the Airport. If you Google Search for "Munich airport to Salzburg shuttle" you will find a number of them.

Arriving by Train

The Train station is just North of the Congress center and is an easy walk (10-15 min or less) South down RainerStra├če to Mirabellplatz.

Arriving by Plane (aka How to Catch a Bus from the Airport)

Once you get off the plane you can take either a cab or the bus. If you take a cab it will cost you about 15 Euros to get to the Congress Center. If you take the bus you will need a ticket. They are inexpensive, but for such a small airport, amazingly hard to find. I spent 30 minutes outside the airport at what I thought was the ticket vending machine (to the left of the bus stop) and it may be but I did not get a ticket out of it, and I would recommend that you do not make a similar attempt. Instead, inside the Airport at what looks like the General Store, ask for a bus ticket. It is less than 2 Euros. Then you will want to get on the #2 bus headed to town (going right, if your back is to the airport). Even if you get on the #2 bus going the other direction it makes a fairly quick loop back. It will take about 20 minutes before you pass the train station. Soon after that (2-4 minutes) the Congress Center will be on the right.

Salzburg Congress Center
Auerspergstra├če 6 - 5020 Salzburg, AUSTRIA
Tel. 0043662 88987-0

Getting to the Salzburg Congress Center