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Vendor Overview

Vendors, this is your area.

Use the links at left to find all the information you need for your participation at the MSACL conference.


Corporate Sponsorships, available at multiple levels, offer package opportunities that provide significant discounts for comprehensive participation at the event.

Exhibit Booths

There will be space for up to 25 booths. Booths for MSACL 2014 EU will start at €3,750 for EarlyBird Registrants (by February 1, 2014). There is area on the application for booth location preference, but please also let us know which companies you would prefer not to be in too close proximity -- we will do our best to accommodate your request. Please feel free to Contact Us for questions.

Corporate Workshops

Corporate Workshops will be held after lunch on Thursday and Friday from 1:00 - 2:00 pm. There are 3 slots available per day. This is the vendor's opportunity to pull out all of the stops and share with the audience their commercial products. As a note of advice, the MSACL audience tends to react most favorably to scientifically-geared talks that incorporate commercial interests, but do not make them an overbearing part of the presentation. MSACL attendees, in general, are here primarily for intellectual expansion. They also realize there are some tools that will make their jobs much easier, but the best sell to this crowd is a soft sell.

Presenters or their companies MAY NOT restrict access to anyone who has registered for the Conference.