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Conference Sponsorship

Corporate Sponsorship Packages

Corporate Sponsorship of the MSACL Conference comes with substantial benefits and include discounts of up to 50%+ off of individually purchased branding opportunities.

MSACL Travel Awards: Recruiting the Next Generation of Clinical Mass Spectrometrists

Please help support Travel Awards for Trainees and Lab Directors. These Awards allow the provision of grants to candidates who are on the path to become clinical lab directors (Trainee Awards) or already in those positions (Lab Director Awards), and are not currently using mass spectrometers in their clinical lab analyses. These awards are an important part of the growth of the MSACL attendee base and provide increased opportunity for interaction of the current attendee base with new candidate users. This outreach program strives to accelerate the growth of clinical mass spectrometry.

Please Note:

As an event sponsor it is your responsibility to create and ship your sponsorship materials to the conference site. MSACL will provide one piece of signage indicating your sponsorship, all other branding material must be provided by the sponsor.