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Guidelines for Abstract Submission

Submit Abstract

PODIUM Consideration Deadline :Nov 9, 2015

POSTER Consideration Deadline :Dec 16, 2015 - Jan 20, 2016


  1. You may submit ONE abstract, unless you are recruited to present in the Newbie Track.

  2. If you submit for a podium and are not selected, your abstract will be immediately considered for a poster position.

  3. While presenter substitutions are permitted, they MAY NOT result in any individual presenting more than ONE abstract.

  4. Following acceptance, in order to become part of the Scientific Program you must purchase a FULL conference registration (not Exhibits Only) by the EarlyBird Registration Deadline for Podium Presenters and by the Regular Registration Deadline for Poster presenters.

  5. Podium Presentations will be VIDEO (Slides Only) AND AUDIO RECORDED and may be placed on the MSACL website following review for content and quality.

The Review Process:
All submitted abstracts are anonymized before review by members of the Scientific Committee for scientific merit and appropriateness of content. Abstracts submitted for a podium presentation, but which are not chosen for an oral presentation will automatically be considered for poster contention.

Submit Abstract

MSACL requires submission of a Short and Long Abstract.

The Short Abstract body is limited to ~100 words (900 characters with spaces), NOT including title, authors, or affiliations.

The Long Abstract body is limited to ~1000 words (7000 characters with spaces), and is submitted online. Text only.

Abstract Topics

MSACL is soliciting abstracts for both oral and poster presentations under the topics of:

  1. Endocrinology
  2. Fundamentals / Newbie (Invitation Only)
  3. ICP-MS
  4. Inborn Errors of Metabolism
  5. Metabolomics
  6. Microbiology/Virology
  7. New Advances
  8. Occupational and Environmental Health
  9. Pain Management
  10. Proficiency, Regulations, Standards
  11. Proteomics
  12. Sample Prep & Automation
  13. Small Molecule Analytes
  14. Tissue Imaging & Analysis
  15. Toxicology
  16. Translational Mass Spec
  17. Various OTHER

Previously Copyrighted Material is NOT PERMITTED for Presentations
-- unless you are the copyright holder --

Abstract Submission Guidelines

You will be submitting a:

  1. Short Abstract and
  2. Long Abstract.

Short Abstract:

The Short Abstract will be online and in the printed program.

  1. Abstract title no more than 25 words.
  2. Abstract body no more than ~100 words (900 characters max).
  3. One paragraph only.
  4. No references.
  5. No support acknowledgments.

Long Abstract:

The Long Abstract will be available on-line only.

  1. Text only.
  2. Can include references and support acknowledgements.
  3. Limited to ~1200-1600 words (10,000 characters max).

Only abstracts submitted online will be accepted.

Submit Abstract

Following submission and confirmation you will be able to Edit or Delete your abstract via Manage Abstract.


The presenting author/person who submitted the abstract assumes full responsibility of the content of the abstract and we assume that all co- authors are aware of this content. Please note that any material you submit and/or present including, but not limited to, your biography, summary and abstract may be used on the MSACL website and/or in conference materials.