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MSACL 2015 US: Conference Primer

Some of the highlights of what you need to know about the MSACL conference.

Dress Code

Business casual works, but whatever you are most comfortable in. The days are packed full of great content, but they are still long and you will want to be comfortable so you can focus on learning and networking. It will be warm during the day, but we will be outside in the evenings so you may want a light jacket or vest.

ACCENT Continuing Education Credits

Apply for continuing education credits for your attendance at MSACL. If the page is empty they are not yet online ... they will be soon.

Certificates of Attendance

Pick up your Certificate of Attendance at the registration desk. Please note that Certificates of Attendance will not be sent out after the conference. They are only valid when picked up by you at the conference and stamped with the Association seal.

Wireless Access

At the conference: Look for psav_network_solutions. This year wireless access will be open, in the conference area and Exhibit Hall, so that signing in is not necessary.

In your room at the Sheraton: If you are staying at the Sheraton, AND YOU BOOKED YOUR ROOM WITHIN THE MSACL BLOCK, your wireless in-room service is covered. Just accept the cost that populates the screen when you make the connection, it will be removed from your account on check-out. If it isn't please call me at 858-922-5813.

Conference Registration

Conference Registration will be open from 6:30 AM to 8:30 PM everyday of the conference. Please come early to collect your registration materials to avoid the Monday morning rush. It helps us. It helps you.

EXHIBITS ONLY registrants are NOT PERMITTED in the Scientific Sessions (except Plenary). Violations may result in registration revocation without refund.

Plenary Lectures

Check out the Plenary Lectures.

Mobile Program

Go here for the MOBILE conference program. Working our way towards a paperless conference. Or, if not paperless, then at least electronically fluent.

If you are a Full Conference registrant you can log in with the email you registered with as your user name. If you do not know your password you can easily reset it. To set your password select Reset Password at the bottom of the login page.

(1) You can see the email contact info of presenting authors.
(2) You can take notes for each talk.
(3) You can take notes for contacts you've met.
(4) You can provide presenter feedback.
(5) You can view feedback for your abstract(s).

Web-Based Program

Go here for the old-style, web-based conference program.

REMEMBER: Long Abstracts are password protected.
USER: msacl PASS: 12345

Electronic Copy of Printed Program

Get it here (6.7 MB PDF).

Posting Poster and Slide PDFs on the Web

Presenters, don't forget you have the option of uploading your poster(s) or podium presentation slides as a PDF (via Manage Abstract) to include as part of your web presence compendium.

Poster in my Pocket

We are collaborating with Elsevier on the Poster in my Pocket App. This app allows you to upload your PDF poster to Elsevier and receive a QR code that you put on your poster. This code then allows attendees to scan your code and download the poster to their phone for later viewing.

More info on Poster in my Pocket.

Please note that if you are uploading a poster, after the upload is complete you must click Submit in My Posters for your poster to be viewable when the QR code is scanned.


Yoga will be from 5:45 to 6:45 AM in Nautilus 5 with Natalie Spear.

A limited number of yoga mats, blankets and blocks will be provided.

Corporate Workshops

Corporate workshops are held Mon - Wed from 7:00 - 8:00 AM, 1:00 - 2:00 PM and 7:00 - 8:00 PM (Tuesday Only) in the rooms around the Harbor Foyer.

These may be vendor-focused, but the vendors know that the MSACL attendee base doesn't just want to be sold, but educated -- these workshops are definitely worth your while.

Lead / Contact Collection

BadgerScan(TM) is a Contact and Lead Retrieval App that is completely FREE for full functionality.

BadgerScan allows users to:

(1) Collect contact info via scanning QR codes on attendee badges.
(2) Create and launch customized surveys.
(3) Share individual contacts between devices.
(4) Export contacts via email as a spreadsheet.
(5) Append notes and prioritize each contact.
(6) Create your own QR badge on the BadgerScan App to rapidly share your information with ANYONE who has BadgerScan.

The app does NOT require a network connection (except for use of the survey element).

The app never requires an in-app purchase for full functionality.

All contact info is stored on your phone, not on a server.

So if you have an Apple or Android device you're in luck. You can download the App and test it to see if you think it has any worth, and if it does, bring it to the conference and make it sing!

Download the App for Apple devices.

Download the App for Android devices.

Download QR codes to test the APP.

More Information ...


Breakfast, courtesy of MSACL, will be served in Grande Ballroom Foyer, just past MSACL registration from 6:30am to 8:00 AM. Short Courses start at 8:00 AM.

Breakfast, courtesy of MSACL, will be served in the Harbor and Grande Foyer on Mon - Wed from 6:00 to ~8:00 AM.


Lunch (1 hour), courtesy of MSACL, will be a box lunch for Short Course Registrants, **except Travel Grantees on Sunday.

**Note: There will be a Travel Grantee lunch reception on Sunday at the Shoreline patio for ALL Travel Grantees.

Lunch, courtesy of MSACL, will be served for ALL registrants as a box lunch available for pick-up in the Harbor/Bayview Foyer (right next to Harbor 3 and Marina 6). Table will be set outside on the Bayview Lawn. It should be nice weather. :)

Exhibit Hall Receptions (aka Dinner)

No reception.

No reception.

Note: There will be an Exclusive Dinner Reception on Saturday at the Shoreline patio for ALL Travel Grantees.

The Opening Reception will be held in the Grande Ballroom with the Exhibits from 4:15-7:00 PM. Heavy appetizers will be served as well as a selection of beer, wine, water and soda. The Opening Plenary (David Millington) follows immediately in the Harbor Ballroom.

Reception from 4:15 - 7:00 PM in the Exhibit Hall.

No reception. The Hospitality event starting at 3:45 PM (see below) covers dinner.

Hospitality Reception (Shoreline)

Every evening of the conference MSACL hosts an open-bar Hospitality Reception at the Shoreline patio by the bay. A great place to relax and network.

Sat: 8:00 - 10:00 PM
Sun: 8:00 - 10:00 PM
Mon: 8:00 - 10:00 PM
Tue: 8:00 - 10:00 PM
Wed: 3:45 - 7:00 PM

Directions to Shoreline Patio: Go to the Hotel Lobby and bear left towards the walkway between Tapatini and The Link, go through the doors to the outside, and down the stairs and then to the right, just past the pool.

Conference Staff

And finally, the MSACL Staff if you need any assistance on-site.

David Herold, MD, PhD

Chris Herold, PhD, MBA

Amber Herold
Director, Technology

Mike Kim
Director, Media

David Yount
Director, Food & Beverage

Alisa Zych, MS
Director, Registration

Natalie Spear
Director of Tranquility

Ken Cabling
Director, AV