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Short Courses (Part In-Person and Part Online)

The Short Courses for MSACL 2022 will be held in a non-classical, Part In-Person and Part Online format.

This is NOT a "hybrid" format. The courses will NOT be available simultaneously in-person AND virtually.

Each short course will have one SEGMENT (2-4 hrs) that will be held onsite at MSACL 2022. Your registration for 2022 will cover participation in any of the the onsite SEGMENTS of the short courses.

The other Segments will be held online over multiple days.

All segments listed below for each course compose a SINGLE COURSE.

Some courses will be held, or start, prior to MSACL 2022 (i.e., LC-MSMS 101 and Sample Prep 201)

To attend the online portion of any course there is be a fee-based registration that is SEPARATE from your conference registration.

You can review the courses and register via links the calendar below.

Online - MSACL Connect MSACL 2022 Online - MSACL Connect
Mar 4 Mar 11 Mar 12 Mar 13 Mar 14 Apr 5 Apr 8 Apr 21 Apr 22 Apr 23 Apr 24 Apr 28 Apr 29 Apr 30
LC-MSMS 101 : Getting Started with Quantitative LC-MS/MS in the Diagnostic Laboratory
Mar 11-14
LC-MSMS 101 : Hands-On Supplement
Apr 5
LC-MSMS 201 : Understanding and Optimization of LC-MS/MS to Develop Successful Methods for Identification and Quantitation in Complex Matrices
Apr 8 Apr 22-24
Sample Prep 201 : Sample Preparation and Alternative Matrices for LC-MS Assays
Mar 4 Apr 8 Apr 22
Data Science 101 : Breaking up with Excel: An Introduction to the R Statistical Programming Language
Apr 5 Apr 29-30
Data Science 201 : Going Further With R: Tackling Clinical Laboratory Data Manipulation and Modeling
Apr 8 Apr 28-30