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Immunotherapy of Cancer and the Role of Mass Spectromety; an Overview
Donald Hunt
University of Virgina
[email protected]

This lecture will describe how the immune system works to keep us free of cancer most of the time and how cancer cells can eventually learn to escape the immune system. Also described will be a number of scientific breakthroughs that have occurred in the last 6 years that clearly suggest that the immune system can be re-educated and upregulated to cure even late stage cancer. Science magazine labeled cancer immunotherapy as the breakthrough event of the year in 2013 and tremendous progress has been made since then. James Allison won the 2015 Lasker Award in medicine for his work to reactivate the immune system to fight cancer. You know this is a hot area for mass spectrometry when the research groups of Aebersold, Heck, Mann and Carr all decide to establish and work on the Human Immuno-Peptidome Project (HIPP) at the HUPO 2015 meeting in Vancouver. This lecture will try to capture some of this excitement and also pinpoint some of the contributions that the Hunt group has made to the field over the past 23 yrs.

Presented at MSACL 2016 US