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Exhibits (for Vendors)

The Early Bird Deadline was November 15, 2023.

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The Exhibitor Application is in the Vendor Prospectus that can be downloaded by clicking the button above.

Exhibit Schedule Overview
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Tuesday: March 198:00 - 16:00Set-Up
Tuesday: March 1918:30 - 21:30SHOW
Wednesday: March 2011:30 - 17:45Flow Schedule
Thursday: March 218:30 - 13:30Flow Schedule
Thursday: March 2114:00 - 18:30Breakdown

Exhibit Hall Schematic

The MSACL 2024 Exhibit Hall will be in the Monterey Conference Center. There will also be posters and food served in the Exhibit Hall. The Exhibit Booths will be 8 x 10 feet. Mini-Tables will be 30" rounds. The Exhibit Hall arrangement has been restructured in response to feedback from vendors following MSACL 2023. Most specifically, we have attempted to focus poster traffic directly into the booths. We have also made it less likely that people are able to inadvertently become hidden within the poster rows.

Registered Exhibitors: 30 Exhibitors occupying 31 Booths

CompanyBooth #
3P BioSolutions (summary) 13
Agilent Technologies (summary) 9,10 (2 booths)
Aglie Bio LTD (summary) 20
AmberGen (summary) 06
Anchor Molecular (summary) mini-Table 3 (mini-table)
ASI Chemicals (summary) 35
Biognosys (summary) mini-Table 2 (mini-table)
Biotech Support Group (summary) 5
Bruker Scientific (summary) 34
Cambridge Isotope Labs (summary) 17
Chromsystems (summary) 26
DPX Technologies (summary) 18
Evosep Biosystems (summary) 25
Golden West Diagnostics (summary) 40
Immundiagnostik (summary) mini-Table 5 (mini-table)
Indigo BioAutomation (summary) 29,30 (2 booths)
Ionpath (summary) 36
Kura Biotech (summary) 19
LGC / CDN Isotopes (summary) 37
Peeke Scientific (summary) 39
Phenomenex (summary) 22
PreOmics (summary) mini-Table 4 (mini-table)
Restek (summary) 27
Roche (summary) 14,15 (2 booths)
SCIEX (summary) 21
Shimadzu (summary) 16
Thermo Fisher Scientific (summary) 31,32 (2 booths)
Waters Corporation (summary) 1,2,11,12 (4 booths)
YYZ Pharmatech (summary) mini-Table 6 (mini-table)
Zef Scientific (summary) 24

Booth Waitlist:

Exhibitor Guidelines

All booths are 8 (d) x 10 (w) ft. Your booth material may not be placed outside of your booth boundary. The maximum height that your exhibit will be allowed to extend is 8 ft. Placement of vendor-related material in the walkway is not acceptable. Blocking line-of-sight for a neighboring booth is unacceptable. Exhibit space rental includes 8-ft high back drapes, 3-ft high side dividing drapes and a standard (7' X 44') identification sign with your company name.

MSACL also provides the following for your booth:

  • One 6-foot draped table
  • Two chairs
  • Basic electrical outlet - floor access
  • One wastebasket with daily trash pick-up
  • Two Full Industry Registration Comps ALL REGISTRATIONS TO BE PURCHASED A LA CARTE

Mini-Booth Guidelines

Mini-Tables include: (a) 1 stool, (b) 1 ‐ 30" diameter bistro table for placing literature, (c) option to place one 24"(w) x 81"(h) (max) standing banner directly behind the bistro table and perpendicular to adjacent poster board (see diagram in Vendor Prospectus, PDF, page 12), (d) free Lead Collection via BadgerScan app (does not require wi‐fi).

** Literature may only be placed on Mini‐Table.

** Mini-Table Exhibitor may not place any material on floor around Mini‐Table, except allowed 24"(w) x 81"(h)(max) standing banner.

Position to be assigned by MSACL at least 1 month prior to show.

Position will be in Exhibit Hall.

Complimentary Registration for Conference

There is no complimentary registration included with booths and/or mini-tables for MSACL 2024. Please note that the pricing reflects this.

All registrations should be made a la carte.

There are no Exhibits Only passes for MSACL.

Location Assignment

Booths and Mini-Tables will be assigned based on application date with preference given to corporate sponsors and previous participants.

For mini-tables, priority will be given to first-time exhibitors through the EarlyBird deadline of November 15, 2023.

No booths or mini-tables will be held or assigned without a signed application, and payment.


All cancellations must be sent by email to Chris Herold at

Cancellation Refund Policy
See Vendor Prospectus application page.

*If the event is cancelled, full refunds/credit will only be provided to those who have NOT already cancelled their participation.


Exhibitors will be provided the opt-in email list of registrants after each registration deadline. This email list may be used to promote presence at the event.

No distribution of literature or other promotional items at any place outside of booths or mini-tables, including hotel guestrooms, or in any other public or private area of the hotel is permitted.

Rules & Regulations

  • Promotional Items and Activities
    Companies wishing to conduct contests, lotteries or distribute promotional items should send a request via email to Chris Herold at

    Exhibiting companies ARE permitted to distribute promotional material that does not relate to food and/or drink, or the handling of such, at their Exhibit Booth location only. Under no circumstances should any items be provided to any employee of the conference center, hotels or MSACL for distribution to the attendees.

    All items distributed must be made available to all meeting attendees as long as supplies last. No soliciting of attendees is permitted in the aisles or in other exhibitor's booths, or in any other area of the hotel.

  • Subletting Space
    Subletting any part of the exhibit space or mini-table is prohibited.

  • Sale of Goods
    The sale of goods or services of any kind in the exhibit area in connection with the Annual Meeting is prohibited. Order taking is permitted.

Focused Attendee Flow

IN Exhibit Hall
Tuesday18:30 - 21:30Opening Exhibits Reception
Exhibit Hall - Serra (Conference Ctr > Ground Floor)
Tuesday20:00 - 21:00Booth Tours
Exhibit Hall - Serra (Conference Ctr > Ground Floor)
Wednesday11:30 - 13:30Exhibits & Lunch Buffet
Exhibit Hall - Serra (Conference Ctr > Ground Floor)
Wednesday12:15 - 13:30Poster Session 1
Exhibit Hall - Serra (Conference Ctr > Ground Floor)
Wednesday14:30 - 15:45Poster Session 2 with Poster Tours
Exhibit Hall - Serra (Conference Ctr > Ground Floor)
Wednesday16:45 - 17:45Exhibits & Happy Hour
Exhibit Hall - Serra (Conference Ctr > Ground Floor)
Thursday8:30 - 9:15Coffee Roundtables & Exhibits
Exhibit Hall - Serra (Conference Ctr > Ground Floor)
Thursday9:15 - 10:30Poster Session 3 with Poster Tours
Exhibit Hall - Serra (Conference Ctr > Ground Floor)
Thursday11:30 - 13:30Exhibits & Lunch Buffet
Exhibit Hall - Serra (Conference Ctr > Ground Floor)
Thursday12:15 - 13:30Poster Session 4
Exhibit Hall - Serra (Conference Ctr > Ground Floor)