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Upload of Presentation Files for CME Review

Draft Version Due: February 19
Final Version Due: March 6

Upload Your Presentation Here (click here)

PPT or PDF files must be uploaded by Feb 19 for preliminary review. This does not have to be your final version, but this is a drop dead date. If you do not upload a draft version you may be replaced or removed from the program.

You MUST submit your FINAL version prior to Wednesday March 6. After this date, the submission portal will close and your most recent presentation will be uploaded to the presentation computer.


For Scientific Sessions

[Date Speaking as NumericMonthNumericDay]_[session#]_[track#]_[NAME_LAST].ppt OR .pdf

Example: 0320_1_3_HEROLD.ppt --> (March 20 for Session 1 Track 3 presented by Chris Herold)

Example: 0320_PLENARY_HEROLD.ppt --> (March 20 for PLENARY Lecture presented by Chris Herold)

For Workshops

Workshop_[Date Speaking as NumericMonthNumericDay]_[NAME_LAST].ppt OR .pdf

Example: Workshop_0319_HEROLD.ppt --> (Workshop on March 19 presented by Chris Herold)

You do not need to enter dates or versions. The upload date will be automatically appended to your submission.