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Gingerbread Men: A Cookie-cutter Bottom-up Proteomics Workflow for the Hungry?
Andy Hoofnagle
University of Washington
[email protected]

To test the hypothesis that a widely-used monoclonal immunoassay for vitamin D binding globulin (VDBG) was significantly affected by common polymorphisms, we developed a bottom-up proteomics assay. The method was validated according to our recently recommended guidelines for publication of novel biomarkers (Clinical Chemistry) and was used to quantify VDBG and determine the haplotype in samples accrued from a clinical research study that had been previously genotyped and analyzed by immunoassay. We have now applied the same workflow to other proteins and progress toward generating a plug-and-play workflow for medium- and high-abundance proteins in human serum/plasma will be discussed.

Presented at MSACL 2016 US