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Mass Spectrometric Innovations for Tissue Imaging and Direct Analysis
Richard Yost
University of Florida
[email protected]

Mass spectrometric imaging (MSI) provides a level of chemical information unmatched by any other imaging modality (including histopathology, MRI, and PET scans). Furthermore, MSI offers the potential for rapid and direct analysis of tissue even when an image is not of interest. This presentation will explore innovations in MSI and direct tissue analysis, focusing on new sampling methods (including real-time in situ microextraction using the flowprobe and desorption electrospray or DESI) and strategies for increasing the speed, spatial resolution, information content, and quantitative performance of the methods. Applications to be discussed will include characterization and biomarker detection in melanoma, pansteatitis, aging muscle, and Parkinson’s disease.

Presented at MSACL 2016 US