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Strategies for Improving Specificity and Sensitivity for Multiplexed Proteomic Assays in for High-Flow, Fast-Gradient LC-MS in the Clinical Laboratory
Timothy Collier
Cleveland HeartLab Inc
[email protected]

The potential for multiplexed proteomic assays is a key advantage of MS in the clinical laboratory. However, demands on throughput require rapid LC-MS, compressing analytical space and increasing chances for interference and suppression. Here, we describe the analytical challenges posed in the development of a high-flow, short-gradient, MRM method on a subset of the serum proteome, including the use of alternate enzymes and strategies to optimize sample preparation, the need to characterize analyte specific ion suppression, and contend with the possibility of nonspecific effects from co-eluting nominally isobaric species.

Presented at MSACL 2016 US