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MSACL 2016 EU: Congress Primer

Some of the highlights of what you need to know about the MSACL conference.

Electronic Versions of the Congress Program

Electronic Copy of Printed Program (3.2 MB, PDF)

Web-Based Program

USER: msacl
PASS: 12345

Mobile Program

** NOTE :: For this program to work effectively, it is important that you use the Safari Browser on Apple devices and the Chrome Browser on Android devices.

Mobile Program Tutorial (9:22)

The Mobile Program is a web-based application that does not require wifi connectivity after the initial data download. All of the data is stored on your phone. The application allows you to take notes on talks, people, vendors -- all stored on your phone for your eyes only. If you are connected to wifi, it provides a conduit to post anonymous questions or suggestions to any abstract being presented at the congress (see text entry box at bottom of any abstract). This can also be used to facilitate Q&A during presentations. Finally, you can rate any event or talk, information which directly feeds back to MSACL to help us make this congress better year over year.

Printed Pocket Program - Available for All Attendees at Registration

You can also download it below to get a preview and help orient yourself before arrival.

Certificates of Attendance and Continuing Education Credits

Pick-up Certificates of Attendance for Short Courses and the Congress at the registration desk. Please note that Certificates of Attendance will not be sent out after the congress. They are only valid when picked up by you at the congress and stamped with the Association seal.

CE Credits are pending and may or may not be available after the congress.

Posting Poster and Slide PDFs on the Web

Presenters, don't forget you have the option of uploading your poster(s) or podium presentation slides as a PDF (via Manage Abstract) to include as part of your web presence compendium.

Dress Code

Business casual works, but so does whatever you are most comfortable in. The majority of attendees wear shirts, slacks, and comfortable shoes or equivalent. Some wear suits, mostly business-class participants. You may see a baseball cap or two.

Getting to the Congress Center

Directional Assistance (including 'How to Catch a Bus from the Airport')

Wireless Access

Wireless access will be available throughout the congress center.

Access Point:Salzburg Congress
PASSWORD: msacl2016

Conference Registration

Conference Registration will open with the Welcome Coffee (Mon 8:00, Tue 8:00, Wed 7:45, Thu 7:45) and close after the Receptions in the evening.

EXHIBITS ONLY registrants are NOT PERMITTED in the Scientific Sessions (except Plenary). Violations may result in registration revocation without refund.

Plenary Lectures

Check out the Plenary Lectures.

Corporate Workshops

Corporate workshops are held Wednesday & Thursday from 8:00 - 8:45 and 14:00 - 14:45 in the Congress Center.

Contact Collection / Lead Retrieval

BadgerScan is a Contact and Lead Retrieval App that is completely FREE for full functionality.

BadgerScan allows users to:

(1) Collect contact info via scanning QR codes (like the one at right) on attendee badges.
(2) Create and launch customized surveys.
(3) Share individual contacts between devices.
(4) Export contacts via email as a spreadsheet.
(5) Save notes for each contact.
(6) Create your own QR badge on the BadgerScan App to rapidly share your information with anyone who also has BadgerScan.

The app does NOT require a network connection (except for use of the survey element).

The app never requires an in-app purchase for full functionality.

All contact info is stored on your phone, not on a server.


All attendee badges will have a QR code with information entered during registration.You can use any QR code reader to collect the information embedded within these codes.

We recommend BadgerScan. BadgerScan has complete privacy (never loads to the cloud, all collected information is stored only on your phone) and it is completely free.

With BadgerScan, any contacts collected can be easily exported, annotated and prioritized.Collected contacts stay within the BadgerScan app, but can be easily ported to your device contacts.

Available for Apple and Android devices.

MSACL On-site Congress Staff

And finally, the MSACL Staff if you need any assistance on-site.

David Herold, MD, PhD

Chris Herold, PhD, MBA

Amber Herold
Director, Technology

Mike Kim
Director, Logistics

David Yount
Director, Food & Beverage

Alisa Zych, MS
Director, Registration

Lindsay Beckham