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MSACL Discussion Groups are intended to foster open discourse on selected topics.

If you have suggestions for a discussion group and/or would be interested in leading a discussion at MSACL, please contact us.

Eating A Whale, One Bite at a Time
with Russell Grant & Brian Rappold
Wednesday@ Mozart 1-3

Yo ho ho mateys’ – do you know your ragged ends from your missed cleavages? Full proteins or peptides for internal standardization? If not… it’s time to charge the guns and hoist the mainsail. The evenings’ entertainment will focus on bottom up protein assays through finding the flaws in proposed methods. Let the grog flow (yes there will be grog) and battle(ships) commence as we learn how to eat a whale of a “clinical protein” assay, one bite at a time.

Practical Mass Spectrometry - not just the Fundamentals
with Judy Stone, Grace van der Gugten, Michael Wright
Wednesday@ Mozart 4-5

Feedback on the Practical Mass Spectrometry track and Troubleshooting Forum. What works? What needs to be improved? How you can contribute to its development.

Design of Experiments - Get it right from the beginning
with Margrét Thorsteinsdóttir & Unnur Thorsteinsdottir
Wednesday@ Papageno

We will demonstrate how method development can become much more efficient by utilizing design of experiments (DoE) approach. DoE offers many advantages including performing experiments in accordance to predefined plan, modelling by empirical functions and graphical visualization. Example from optimization of a LC-MS/MS clinical diagnostic method will show that DoE is very cost-effective, allowing the effect of variables to be assessed with only a fraction of the experiments that would be required by changing one-separate-factor-at-time (COST) approach and spots critical setting early on.

Exhibitor Feedback Meeting
with Amber Herold
Wednesday@ Paracelsus

Exhibitors, let MSACL know your thoughts on the way the conference is working for you and what we can do to make the experience better in the long run.

Scientific Committee Meeting
with Chris Herold
Wednesday@ Trakl

Meeting of Scientific Committee members to review the process of soliciting and assigning abstracts, as well as developing content for the congress program.