Accelerating the Implementation of Mass Spectrometry in the Clinical Lab


Job Posting

Research Scientist

Company:Nantomics, LLC
Location:Rockville, MD
Position:Research Scientist


The Research Scientist is part of a team focused on supporting R&D, GLP, and CLIA efforts by performing sample processing of GLP and CLIA samples. They will maintain the Company’s mass spectrometry facility and develop high-value cancer assays that enable sensitive, quantitative high-throughput analysis of proteins in human tissue. The role requires proactive development of solutions to refine the assays and Company’s technology.

• Coordinate the GLP service projects by performing MS experiments, analyzing data and timely presentation of results and conclusions in oral and written formats with principals and clients.
• Develop SRM assays for drug target proteins. Generating ideas and optimizing lead peptide for assays. Validating these assays in pre-clinical samples through collaborative experiments with biopharma and academic partners and also validating the assays in clinical tissue samples.
• Following CLIA guidelines, perform SRM MS assays on samples received from clinical clients as commercial services. Absolute adherence to all CLIA documentation requirements is necessary.
• Maintain and refine the Company’s mass spectrometry facility and capabilities. Troubleshooting mass spectrometry instrumentations to ensure the daily productivity. Evaluating methods, improving methods and software to incorporate into the Company’s mass spectrometry operations.
• Develop and maintain standard operating procedures (GLP, CLIA) by authoring SOPs and implementing the current SOP for maintenance of GLP and CLIA facility. Contribute to manuscript submission and to patent application. Timely sharing of data with principals is essential.

• Ph.D. in analytical chemistry, biochemistry or related field with 1-5 years post-doctoral experience.
• Experience with peptide SRM assay development. Hands on experience with triple quad mass spectrometry, nano-LC fluidics and processing and managing data flow with Pinpoint/Skyline or equivalent.
• Self-starter. Ability to work independently and collaboratively. Ability to meet scheduled deadlines each time and every time is a must.
• Highly organized, exceptional attention to detail, and strong proficiency in documentation skills.

Interested individuals should send cover letter and CV to:
Wei-Li Liao, Ph.D. (