Accelerating the Implementation of Mass Spectrometry in the Clinical Lab


Job Posting

Research Scientist

Company:Massachusetts General Hospital
Location:Boston, Massachusetts
Position:Research Scientist


We are seeking a full-time analytical biochemist with expertise in small molecule mass spectrometry to join the Mootha lab at Massachusetts General Hospital and Howard Hughes Medical Institute. We combine genomics, systems biology, and human investigations to study metabolism utilizing a holistic approach. Our team is a mix of highly enthusiastic biochemists, physicians and bioinformaticians.

The applicant will collaborate closely with group members to develop methods, run samples, and analyze data. The ideal candidate should have ample hands-on experience independently operating and maintaining LC-MS instrumentation with a proven track record of full scan analysis, targeted measurements, and quantitation of small molecules or drugs in complex biological samples. The primary instrument in our lab is a Thermo Q-Exactive+.

This is a rare opportunity to be a part of a dynamic and highly collaborative research team. The compensation will be very competitive while also affording opportunities to be co-author on many exciting basic and translational papers.

Job Requirements:
Graduate or industry training in analytical chemistry with strong practical and theoretical expertise in small molecule LC-MS.
Proven track record of application of LC-MS for unbiased metabolite profiling, small molecule quantitation, and isotope tracer analysis.
Proficiency with data acquisition and analysis software (including XCalibur, Progenesis, TraceFinder).
Strong computational skills to independently analyze data with standard statistical tools and methods.
Excellent oral and written communication skills to interact with colleagues and technical support.

Key Functions:
Independently provide regular maintenance for our Q-Exactive+. Interact with technical support to perform preventative maintenance and address any technical issues that arise.
Develop LC-MS methods to detect and quantify small molecules, drugs, and related compounds.
Interact closely with lab members to plan and perform experiments at every stage from sample collection and preparation to data collection and analysis.
Efficiently organize lab use of LC-MS to optimize throughput of samples.
Contribute to preparation of manuscripts, grants and scientific presentations.

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To apply, please send a cover letter and CV to Rohit Sharma ( or apply through the Massachusetts General Hospital career opportunities page by searching for Mootha lab or job number 3033892: (