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Lightning Talks

SUBMISSION DEADLINE : March 20, 2019 to [email protected]
TIME to PRESENT : 90 sec

Lightning Talks provide a 90-second opportunity for poster abstract presenters and vendors to provide a brief overview of their work or their offering, respectively, from the plenary podium. This activity is intended to provide the opportunity for poster presenters to highlight their work and gain experience in oral presentation from the podium, and for Exhibitors to provide a quick overview that will help audience members understand en masse the products and/or services they provide. The latter is intended to help streamline the process of the attendee-vendor interactions where the attendee is trying to understand what the Exhibitor offers and whether it is pertinent to their needs back in the lab.

Poster Lightning Talks

Tuesday : 16:30-17:00
@ Rooms 3-4 (California Ballroom)

#2a Diagnostic and Prognostic Performance of Blood Plasma Glycan Features in Women Epidemiology Lung Cancer (WELCA) Study
  Yueming Hu

#4b Separation of 25-Hydroxyvitamin D Epimers Among Low and High Field Ion Mobility Instruments for Improving LC-MS Quantitation
  Nicholas Oranzi

#10b Solid Phase Microextraction - Low Invasive Sampling Method for Brain Tumor Differentiation
  Joanna Bogusiewicz

#11a Evaluation of Resistant Starch Action on Microbiome in 5/6 Nephrectomy Model of Chronic Kidney Disease
  Oleg Karaduta

#13a A Retrospective Study of Clinical Cases Tested in Pain Management Panel using LC-MS/MS
  Sheng Feng

#14a Role of RNase L in Kidney Function
  Norah Alghamdi

#18b Development of LC-MS/MS Assay for Oxcarbazepine and Retrospective Analysis of Pediatric vs. Adult Populations
  Grace Kroner

#19d LC-MS/MS-based Clinical Hormone Detection
  Zhenxin Wang

#21d LC-MS/MS-based Mns Detection in Clinical Diagnosis of Pheochromocytoma
  Beili Wang

#22a Optimized Metabolite Extraction from Fecal Material for Biomarker Analysis
  Emily Sekera

#28a Determination of the Concentrations of Dynorphins at the Low Physiological Concentrations by LC-MS/MS
  Karthik Chandu

#28c Identification and Quantification of Branched Chain Compounds by Proton Transfer Reaction Time-Of-Flight Mass Spectrometry in Breath
  Yan Mei Goh

#32c Age-Related Reference Intervals for Blood Amino Acids in Thai Pediatric Population Measured by LC-MS/MS
  Jaraspong Uaariyapanichkul

Exhibitor Lightning Talks

Tuesday : 17:00-17:30
@ Rooms 3-4 (California Ballroom)

Advion (summary)

Agilent Technologies (summary)

Cambridge Isotope Labs (summary)

Chrom Tech (summary)

Chromsystems (summary)

DPX Technologies (summary)

Golden West Diagnostics (summary)

GRENOVA (summary)

Imtakt USA (summary)

Indigo BioAutomation (summary)

MilliporeSigma (summary)

Restek (summary)

SCIEX (summary)

Shimadzu (summary)

Tecan (summary)

Thermo Fisher Scientific (summary)

Veritomyx (summary)

Waters (summary)

Zivak Technologies (summary)