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Agenda (Preliminary)

Tuesday, April 2



Location: Date
Badge Pickup
Location: RegDesk @ Ballroom Foyer
Short Course
Location: Room 1
Data Science 101
Breaking up with Excel: An Introduction to the R Statistical Programming Language
Daniel Holmes, MD & Will Slade, PhD
Short Course
Location: Room 2
Forensic Tox 101
Basic Forensic Toxicology
Jarrad Wagner, Ph.D., F-ABFT, Allison Veitenheimer, Ph.D., Russell Lewis, Ph.D., F-ABFT & Robert Johnson, PhD, F-ABFT
Short Course
Location: Room 3
Development and Validation of Quantitative LC-MS/MS Assays for Use in Clinical Diagnostics
Brian Rappold, Matthew Crawford and Russell Grant
Short Course
Location: Room 4
Proteomics 201
Clinical Proteomics
Andy Hoofnagle, MD, PhD & Cory Bystrom, PhD
Short Course
Location: AguaCaliente
Microbiology 201
Applications of Mass Spectrometry in Clinical Microbiology
Chris Cox, PhD, Kirk Jensen, PhD, Clifton Fagerquist, PhD, Rebecca Harris, MD
Short Course
Location: Mesquite D
Clinical MS 301
A Comprehensive Review of Clinical Mass Spectrometry Technology & Techniques, including Miniaturization
Jack Henion, PhD
Short Course
Location: Andreas
Getting Started with Quantitative LC-MS/MS in the Diagnostic Laboratory
Lorin Bachmann, PhD & Grace van der Gugten
Short Course
Location: Chino A
Understanding and Optimization of LC-MS/MS to Develop Successful Methods for Identification and Quantitation in Complex Matrices
Robert D. Voyksner, PhD
Short Course
Location: Mesquite H
Presentation 101
How to Maximize Your Influence Through Creating Compelling Presentations
Karen Mahooti
Short Course
Location: Mesquite G
MALDI-MS Fundamentals and its Emerging Role in Pathology and Laboratory Medicine
Mark W. Duncan, PhD & Mari L. DeMarco, PhD DABCC FACB FCACB
Short Course
Location: Mesquite F
Metabolomics 201
Application of High Resolution Mass Spectrometry and Metabolomics in Clinical Analysis
Timothy Garrett, PhD & Erin Baker, PhD
Short Course
Location: Mesquite E
Sample Prep 201
Sample Preparation and Alternative Matrices for LC-MS Assays
William Clarke, PhD & Mark Marzinke, PhD
Short Course
Location: Chino B
Practical LC-MS Maintenance and Troubleshooting
J. Will Thompson, PhD & Chris Shuford, PhD
Short Course
Location: Pueblo A
Data Science 202
Skyline: A Vendor Neutral Tool for Quantitative Mass Spectrometry
Michael MacCoss, PhD & Brendan MacLean
Short Course
Location: Pueblo B
Data Science 201
Going Further With R: Tackling Clinical Laboratory Data Manipulation and Modeling
Patrick Mathias, MD, PhD & Shannon Haymond, PhD
Get the Basics : Glycomics
Location: Room 5
An overview of the fundamentals that are driving research and development.
Get the Basics : Data Science
Location: Room 5
An overview of the fundamentals that are driving research and development.
Get the Basics : Lipidomics
Location: Room 5
An overview of the fundamentals that are driving research and development.
Corporate Workshop : Indigo BioAutomation
Location: Room 1
Corporate Workshop : Thermo Fisher Scientific
Location: Room 2
Corporate Workshop : Shimadzu
Location: Room 5
Welcome Orientation
Location: Rooms 3-4
Analysis of Exosomes from Patient Serum Samples : Proteomic, Metabolomic and Lipidomic Analyses
David Lubman
University of Michigan Medical Center

Location: Rooms 3-4
Location: Ballroom Foyer
State of the Science Address
Location: Rooms 3-4
Presented by MSACL US Scientific Committee Topic Leads, this address will provide an overview of the applications and technologies currently being used in Clinical Labs, and a clear view of the development pipeline. It will highlight applications expected to be available in the near-future, as well as emerging applications, and key contributors. Relevant talks, posters, and people present at the congress will be identified, enabling you to optimize your learning path and more effectively target potential network connections. Whether you are new to Clinical Mass Spectrometry, or a seasoned veteran, the State of the Science address should be on your agenda.
Location: Ballroom Foyer
Poster Lightning Talks
Location: Rooms 3-4
90 seconds, one slide. Up to 15 poster presentations highlighted.
Vendor Lightning Talks
Location: Rooms 3-4
90 seconds, one slide. Up to 20 vendors highlighted.
Exhibits Dinner Reception
Location: Exhibit Hall in Oasis 3-4
Meet-a-Mentor: Booth Tours
Location: Exhibit Hall in Oasis 3-4
Join a mentor as they tour the booths and learn more about technologies available, what mentors are looking for during the exchange, and how they interact with the booth vendors. Increase your network and your knowledge of products and services available.
Troubleshooting Forum: Poster Rounds
Location: Exhibit Hall in Oasis 3-4
Join the troubleshooting poster discussion to learn something new or add your two cents.
Discussion Group
Location: Room 1
Discussion Group
Location: Rooms 3-4
Hospitality Lounge
Location: Rocks Patio