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11th Annual Conference & Exhibits

Palm Springs Renaissance Hotel and Convention Center

Palm Springs, CA

March 31 - April 4, 2019

Program Description

MSACL provides a forum for discussing the clinical application of mass spectrometry by bringing together academic and industrial experts in the field with those driven to explore and understand more about the potential application and benefits. The mission of MSACL is to accelerate the implementation of mass spectrometry in the clinical laboratory with the goal of contributing to the improvement of patient standard-of-care as well as reducing health care costs.

Scientific Program Highlights

1. Plenary & Keynote Sessions

Distinguished Contribution Award Lecture

Immunotherapy of Cancer and the Role of Mass Spectrometry; An Overview and New Results
Donald Hunt
University of Virginia

Plenary Lectures

Analysis of Exosomes from Patient Serum Samples : Proteomic, Metabolomic and Lipidomic Analyses
David Lubman
University of Michigan Medical Center
Tools and Infrastructure to Enable Crowdsourcing the Molecular Analysis of Microbiome as Applied to Precision Care
Pieter Dorrestein
University of California, San Diego

Keynote Lectures

MALDI Imaging MS: Transforming Drug Discovery and Development through Molecular Images of Biological Systems
Steve Castellino
Towards automated quality assessment and analysis of targeted mass spectrometry data using machine learning
Shadi Eshghi

Richard Drake
Medical University of South Carolina
Maximizing MALDI-TOF MS Performance: Challenges, strategies, and successes beyond species-level and single isolate characterization
Todd Sandrin
Arizona State University
The Skyline Software Ecosystem: Efforts to Achieve Transparency, Interoperability, and Robustness of Quantitative LC-MS Assays
Michael MacCoss
University of Washington
Translation of Lipidomic Technologies Towards Quantification of Blood Lipids
Marcus Wenk
National University of Singapore

2. Scientific Sessions :: Submit an Abstract
> > cutting edge science in areas of clinical chemistry and diagnostics

3. Scientific Posters :: Submit an Abstract
> > a chance for you to present your research & see the work of others

Educational Program

1. Short Courses
> > in-depth training in specific areas of expertise

2. Practical Training Sessions
> > lectures and interactive sessions on clinical mass spectrometry fundamentals and troubleshooting cases
> > View Practical Training presentations from previous MSACL conferences

3. Troubleshooting Poster Rounds :: Submit an Abstract
> > a chance to present your method problems and fixes, and learn from others

4. Vendor Workshops
> > an opportunity to learn about the latest offerings and great science being done by our industry colleagues

Travel Grants

MSACL invests heavily in education via the MSACL Educational Travel Grants, which support conference attendance:
  1. Young Investigator Grants: Young investigators, in the first four years of their academic position, who submit an abstract which is accepted for presentation (poster/podium) at the annual conference. Applicants must submit a short application.
  2. Lab Director Grants: Lab Directors interested in learning more about what mass spectrometry is and how it could potentially improve results and reduce costs in their clinical laboratory are not required to submit an abstract, but must submit a short application.
  3. Trainee Grants: Lab Directors-to-be interested in learning more about what mass spectrometry is and how it could potentially improve results and reduce costs in their clinical laboratory are not required to submit an abstract, but must submit a short application.

Scientific Program Tracks

It's the abstracts that make the meeting. Are you working in clinical mass spectrometry and have compelling results that you want to present at the most focused clinical mass spec meeting in the world? Submit your abstract for the MSACL Conference.

A comprehensive list of the topics being solicited for the current conference is below.

Abstract Submission Categories for MSACL 2019 US

*Note: Abstracts are solicited for the topics listed below, however, if no abstracts are submitted and accepted on any given topic then it will not be covered at the conference.

  1. Breath Analysis and VOC
  2. Data Science
  3. Glycomics
  4. Lipidomics
  5. Metabolomics
  6. Microbiology
  7. Natural Products / Environmental
  8. Practical Training
  9. Proteomics
  10. Regulations & Standards
  11. Tissue Imaging
  12. Tox / TDM / Endocrine
  13. Troubleshooting
  14. Various OTHER

Target Audience

The target audience for this program includes pathologists, clinical laboratory directors and scientists, mass spectrometry and automated sample processing providers as well as laboratory diagnostic providers. This program will be beneficial to healthcare administrators, laboratory quality control and standards scientists, as well as those responsible for implementation of clinical analyses for emergency response due to terrorism or accident.

Needs Assessment

This meeting will be critical to share emerging analytical information and work concerning regulations and standards. The goal of MSACL is to create an environment through which participants will be able to identify opportunities to develop the capacity to provide higher quality results, more rapidly and for lower overall cost, for patients within the healthcare system.