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Early Career Scientist Committee

The Early-Career Scientists Committee (ECSC) is dedicated to, and run by, early-career scientists who are part of the MSACL EU community. The network aims to provide a forum to support scientists from academia, industry or government laboratories applying mass spectrometry in the clinical environment at the start of their professional career. Given the unique challenges of scientists who are in the early stages of their careers, the mission of this committee is to recognize the value and importance of our early-career members, improving their experience of MSACL EU and benefitting from our community. The ECSC is developing several ideas for activities at MSACL EU to be held 24-26 th September in Salzburg, Austria to fulfil our aspirations of strengthening communication and collaboration, supporting development learning and encouraging opportunities for professional growth.

Our vision is to establish a real sense of community and engagement between early-career scientists within MSACL EU, to support information sharing and networking to assist personal development as well as contributing to the overall mission of MSACL in accelerating the implementation of mass spectrometry in the clinical laboratory and improving of patient care.

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Nicola Gray, PhD
University of Reading

Breath Analysis

Ilaria Belluomo, PhD (Early Career SciCom Rep)
Imperial College London


Guinevere Lageveen-Kammeijer, PhD (Early Career SciCom Rep)

Metabolites & Metabolomics

Julien Boccard, PhD (Lead) (Early Career SciCom Rep)
University of Geneva


Simon Cameron, PhD (Early Career SciCom Rep)
Queen’s University Belfast

Proteins & Proteomics

Renee Ruhaak, PhD

Tissue Imaging

Ólöf Gerdur Ísberg
University of Iceland / Imperial College London

Tox, TDM, Endocrine

Marine Letertre, PhD (Early Career SciCom Rep)
Imperial College London