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Educational Grants

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Help us achieve our goal of raising $40,000 to support Educational Grants!

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The Educational Grants are how we build the community, together.

With community financial support supplementing MSACL resources, MSACL solicits and invites individuals to attend the congress. The focus is on recruiting individuals who are leading, or training to lead, a clinical laboratory, but still trying to understand the value of mass spectrometry in the clinical setting. This is how we actively build the market for clinical mass spectrometry and develop the field.

All contributions to the Educational Grants are used exclusively to support conference attendance of Grantees by wholly or partially covering their registration, hotel, and/or airfare costs.

Educational Grantees are generally early in their career and (1) have a strong potential for meaningful contribution, as determined by their submitted abstract and Award application, (2) are on track to lead a clinical laboratory and are keen to learn more about the pros and cons of mass spectrometry versus conventional methodologies, (3) currently lead a clinical lab but want to learn more about the benefits of mass spectrometry, or (4) are driving the translation of mass spec research to the clinic.

These grants not only support the growth and participation of individuals early in their career path, they build cohesion in the field while increasing awareness, and provide vendors access to key potential customers early in their careers.

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You can support the Educational Travel Grant program at anytime and at any level by making a donation to MSACL.

To officially support the program as a corporate sponsor, please fill out the Educational Travel Grant Sponsorship Form.

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Recognition is made on the top of every conference webpage for contributions as low as $1,000 (personal) or $2,000 (corporate).



Educational Travel Grants supported in part by:

Sponsor A ($8,000), Sponsor B ($6,000), Sponsor C ($4,000), Sponsor D ($2,000)

*Grant Sponsorship does not confer participation in the selection of the individuals who will receive a grant.