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Recognition Awards

The Recognition Award program has been established by the Association as a means of recognizing the commitment, achievement and/or potential of individuals in the field of Clinical Mass Spectrometry. This program is one of the means by which the Association encourages the advancement of mass spectrometry in clinical chemistry via the promotion of research, education and application.

The MSACL Distinguished Contribution Award

In Recognition of Achievements Made in the Field of Clinical Mass Spectrometry that have Furthered the Advancement of Knowledge and the Implementation of Science for the Benefit of Humanity


Representative Award Medal

Composition: 0.925 silver

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Self-nominations are not recognized for consideration.

The purpose of the Distinguished Contribution Award is to recognize a contributor who has conducted research, teaching or application of Mass Spectrometry in Clinical Chemistry of significant impact.

Nominations will be evaluated on elements of the following criteria:

  1. Program of research: Quality, scope and overall impact on the profession,
  2. The extent to which the contribution is based on original concepts and/or innovative practices recognized throughout the field over a sustained period,
  3. The impact the contribution has had on the field, including education, influence on practitioners and the care of patients, organizations, thought leaders, and research, and
  4. Influence on research advancement and career development within the profession

Nominations required only a brief summary of the reason for the nomination. You may be contacted for further details during the decision process.

The Award recognizes a focused or singular achievement in education, technology development or applied mass spectrometry in clinical chemistry. The award is conferred at the MSACL US Annual Conference.


2015 US: David Millington
Tandem Mass Spectrometry in Clinical Diagnostics, Newborn Screening and Targeted Metabolomics

2015 EU: Linda Thienpont
Mass Spectrometry as Metrological Anchor in Laboratory Medicine – a Meandering River

2016 US: Kenneth Setchell
What We Can Learn from a Drop of Urine – Metabolomics at It's Earliest: Discoveries of Bile Acid Synthesis Disorders, a New Category of Fatal Metabolic Liver Disease and Development of a Treatment

2017 US: Catherine Feneslau
Rapid Characterization of Microorganisms by Mass Spectrometry: What can be Learned and How?

2017 EU: Isabelle Fournier
Laser-based Mass Spectrometry in Clinics: Changing the Paradigm of Molecular Diagnosis

2018 US: Richard Yost
The Triple Quadrupole: Innovation, Serendipity and Persistence

2018 EU: Cedric Shackleton
Mass Spectrometry and the Elucidation of Steroid Metabolome

2019 US: Donald Hunt


The MSACL 2019 EU nomination deadline is April 1, 2019.

Selection Procedure:

Award winner will receive notification by May 2019. The award winner will be recognized during the MSACL 2019 EU Congress.

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