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Scientific Committee

The Scientific Committee is assembled to review abstract submissions for the annual conference. This includes reviewing abstract submissions, suggesting plenary speakers, recruiting researchers to solicit abstracts for submission to the conference and identifying emerging topics of interest. The topics outlined below are the dominant topics addressed the MSACL conferences. MSACL encourages submissions in all areas of clinical mass spectrometry and evaluates abstracts that do not fall in the main topical categories listed below by a group composed of the Chair, Vice Chair and the Topic Leads.

Committee Member Resources

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Dan Holmes, MD
St. Paul's Hospital

Vice Chair

Cory Bystrom, PhD
Cedars Sinai

Data Science

Patrick Mathias, MD, PhD (Lead)
University of Washington

Shannon Haymond, PhD
Ann and Robert H. Lurie Children’s Hospital of Chicago
Northwestern University, Feinberg School of Medicine

Randall Julian, PhD
Indigo BioAutomation


Peggi Angel, PhD (Lead)
Medical University of South Carolina

Livia Eberlin, PhD (Lead)
University of Texas at Austin

Christopher Anderton, PhD
Environmental Molecular Sciences Laboratory

Richard Drake, PhD
Medical University of South Carolina

Kristine Glunde, PhD
Johns Hopkins Medicine

Reid Groseclose, PhD

Jeff Spraggins, PhD
Vanderbilt University


Adam Rosebrock, PhD (Lead)
Stony Brook School of Medicine

Erin Baker, PhD
North Carolina State University


Chris Cox, PhD (Lead)
Cobio Diagnostics

Clifton Fagerquist, PhD

Rebecca Harris, MD
Weill Cornell Medical Center

Practical Training

Grace van der Gugten (Lead)
Provincial Health Services Authority, Canada

Deborah French, PhD

Jacqueline Hubbard, PhD


Chris Shuford, PhD (Lead)
Lab Corp

Tim Collier, PhD
Cleveland HeartLab

Mari DeMarco, PhD
The University of British Columbia

Andy Hoofnagle, MD, PhD
University of Washington

Tox / TDM / Endocrine

Jennifer Colby, PhD (Lead)

Marilyn Huestis, PhD
University of Maryland and Huestis & Smith Toxicology, LLC

Hema Ketha, PhD

Mark Marzinke, PhD
Johns Hopkins University

Richard van Breemen, PhD
Linus Pauling Institute, Oregon State University