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Tuesday: March 3117:30 - 20:00SHOW
Wednesday: April 110:00 - 19:30SHOW
Thursday: April 210:00 - 15:30SHOW

Exhibit Hall Schematic

The MSACL 2020 US Exhibit Hall will be in Oasis 3-4 in the Palm Springs Convention Center. There will also be posters in the Exhibit Hall on Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday of the conference.

A tentative schematic of the Exhibit Hall is below.

Registered Exhibitors: 49 Exhibitors occupying 46 Booths
# of Booths Remaining: -6

CompanyBooth #
Advion (summary) 04
Agilent Technologies (summary) 29-30 (2 booths)
Analytik Jena (summary) t-D
Aspect Analytics (summary) t-K
Avanti Polar Lipids (summary) 15
BaySpec (summary) 28
Beckman Coulter (summary) 08
Biotage (summary) 25
Bioz (summary) t-L
Bruker (summary) 03
Cambridge Isotope Labs (summary) 12
Cayman Chemical (summary) 27
Chrom Tech (summary) t-F
Chromsystems (summary) 35
DPX Technologies (summary) 02
Golden West Diagnostics (summary) 11
GRENOVA (summary) 36
Hamilton Company (summary) 01
HORIZON Lab Systems (summary) 17
HTX Technologies (summary) t-G
Immundiagnostik (summary) t-E
Imtakt USA (summary) 26
Indigo BioAutomation (summary) 09-10 (2 booths)
IONpath (summary) 11
IsoSciences (summary) 12
Kura Biotech (summary) 16
LECO (summary) t-A
Lipomed (summary) t-J
McKinley Scientific (summary) 18
MetaSci (summary) t-H
MilliporeSigma (summary) 38-39 (2 booths)
Newomics (summary) t-B
OraSure Technologies (summary) t-C
Parker Hannifin (summary) 45
PerkinElmer / Revvity (summary) 05
Phenomenex (summary) 41
Photonis (summary) 31
RECIPE Chemicals & Instruments (summary) 40
Restek (summary) 24
SCIEX (summary) 31-33 (3 booths)
Shimadzu (summary) 19-20 (2 booths)
Spot On Sciences (summary) 32
Tecan (summary) 37
Thermo Fisher Scientific (summary) 21-23 (3 booths)
Thomson Instrument Co (summary) 06
UTAK Laboratories (summary) 34
VIVAN Life Sciences (summary) 43
Waters Corporation (summary) 13-14 (2 booths)
Zef Scientific (summary) 07

Focused Attendee Flow

KEYIN Exhibit Hall
Tuesday18:00 - 19:00Meet-a-Mentor: Booth Tours
Exhibit Hall
Tuesday19:00 - 20:00Troubleshooting Forum: Poster Rounds
Exhibit Hall
Wednesday10:00 - 11:00Exhibits & Poster Session
Exhibit Hall
Wednesday15:00 - 16:15Exhibits & Poster Session
Exhibit Hall
Wednesday15:15 - 16:00Meet-a-Mentor: Poster Tours 1
Exhibit Hall
Wednesday17:15 - 18:30Exhibits
Exhibit Hall
Wednesday17:30 - 18:30Troubleshooting Forum: Poster Rounds
Exhibit Hall
Wednesday17:30 - 18:30Meet-a-Mentor: Office Hours
Exhibit Hall
Thursday10:00 - 11:00Exhibits & Poster Session
Exhibit Hall
Thursday10:15 - 11:00Meet-a-Mentor: Poster Tours 2
Exhibit Hall
Thursday12:00 - 13:15Lunch
Exhibit Hall
Thursday14:15 - 15:30Exhibits & Poster Session
Exhibit Hall