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Agenda (Preliminary)

Tuesday, September 11



Place Posters
Location: 1st Floor Exhibit Hall
ALL posters should be placed by 16:00.
Welcome Coffee
Location: Entrance Foyer
Enjoy coffee, a pastry and a chat with colleagues before the day starts.
Short Course
Location: Mozart 1
Short Course
Location: Mozart 2
Getting Started with Quantitative LC-MS/MS in the Diagnostic Laboratory
Judy Stone, PhD & Grace van der Gugten
Short Course
Location: Mozart 3
Lab Medicine 101
Basics of Laboratory Medicine
Prof. Dr. med. Michael Vogeser
Short Course
Location: Mozart 4
Data Science 201
Going Further With R: Tackling Clinical Laboratory Data Manipulation and Modeling
Patrick Mathias, MD, PhD & Randall Julian, PhD
Short Course
Location: Mozart 5
Data Science 101
Breaking up with Excel: An Introduction to the R Statistical Programming Language
Daniel Holmes, MD & William Slade, PhD
Short Course
Location: Papageno Hall
Development and Validation of Quantitative LC-MS/MS Assays for Use in Clinical Diagnostics
Russell Grant, PhD & Brian Rappold
Short Course
Location: Paracelsus Hall
Practical LC-MS Maintenance and Troubleshooting
J. Will Thompson, PhD & Erik J. Soderblom, PhD
Short Course
Location: Trakl Hall
Proteomics 201
Clinical Proteomics
Cory Bystrom, PhD & Chris Shuford, PhD
Short Course
Location: Doppler Hall
Metabolomics 202
Metabolomics: Approaches, Applications and Challenges
Julijana Ivanisevic, PhD & Elizabeth Want, PhD
Short Course
Location: Trapp Zimmer
Proteomic Microbiology 201
Bottom-Up and Top-Down Proteomic Approaches for Bacterial Identification and Characterization, a Focus on MALDI-TOF and Advanced Technologies
Jean Armengaud, PhD, Stefan Zimmermann, MD
Location: Europa Hall
Opening Lunch
Location: Europa Hall
Welcome, Introduction & Orientation
Location: Europa Hall
CMS Journal Overview
Location: Europa Hall
An overview on the current state of the journal, how to subscribe, the path to an Impact Factor, citations, scope, desired article format, webinars.
Plenary Lecture
Metabolomics Messages on Human Health and Disease
Jurek Adamski (Helmholtz Zentrum M)
Chair: Oleg Mayboroda

Location: Europa Hall
Coffee Break
Location: Europa Foyer
State of the Science Address
Location: Europa Hall
Presented by MSACL EU Scientific Committee Topic Leads, this address will provide an overview of the applications and technologies currently being used in Clinical Labs, and a clear view of the development pipeline. It will highlight applications expected to be available in the near-future, as well as emerging applications, and key contributors. Relevant talks, posters, and people present at the congress will be identified, enabling you to optimize your learning path and more effectively target potential network connections. Whether you are new to Clinical Mass Spectrometry, or a seasoned veteran, the State of the Science address should be on your agenda.

Brian Keevil (Endocrinology)
Manfred Wuhrer (Glycomics)
Oleg Mayboroda (Metabolomics)
Jean Armengaud (Microbiology)
Christa Cobbaert (Proteomics)
Michael Vogeser (Small Molecules)
Tiffany Porta (Tissue Imaging)

Coffee Break
Location: Europa Foyer
Poster Lightning Talks
Location: Europa Hall
15-20 poster presenters will be selected to present their pitch from the plenary podium within 90 seconds and with 1 slide (PDF format).
Exhibitor Lightning Talks
Location: Europa Hall
15-20 exhibitors will be selected to present their pitch from the plenary podium within 90 seconds and with 1 slide (PDF format).
Location: 1st Floor Exhibit Hall
Exhibitor Reception
Location: 1st Floor Exhibit Hall
Buffet dinner served.
Location: 1st Floor Exhibit Hall
Join an expert as they tour the booths and learn more about technologies available, what experts are looking for during the exchange, and how they interact with the booth vendors. Increase your network and your knowledge of products and services available.
Troubleshooting Poster Rounds : Part I
Location: 1st Floor Exhibit Hall

Discussion Group
Location: Mozart 4-5
Enjoy the City
Location: Your Choice
or get a good night's sleep