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Exhibits (for Vendors)

** Exhibitor APPLICATION and Handbook

Monday: September 10 08:00 - 17:00Set-Upfor custom booth builds or multiple booth set-up
Tuesday: September 11 8:00 - 16:30Set-Upfor single booth set-up
Tuesday: September 11 17:30 - 20:00SHOW
Wednesday: September 12 09:45 - 19:30SHOW
Thursday: September 13 10:00 - 14:00SHOW
Thursday: September 13 14:00 - 19:00Breakdown

Single Exhibit Booth Pricing Schedule
Early BirdBefore/OnMay 11, 2018$3,950
RegularAfterMay 11, 2018$4,450

Exhibit Hall Schematic

The MSACL 2018 EU Exhibit Hall will be on the 1st floor of the Salzburg Congress Center. There will also be posters in the Exhibit Hall on Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday of the congress.

A tentative schematic of the Exhibit Hall is below.

Placement Priority, through May 11, is based on:

Sponsorship > Previous Participation > Application Date

17 Exhibitors Registered, occupying 25 Booths
# of Booths Remaining: 5

CompanyBooth #
Agilent Technologies (summary) 19-20 (2 booths)
Biocrates Life Sciences (summary) 6
Cambridge Isotope Labs (summary) 8
Chromsystems (summary) 12-13 (2 booths)
Immundiagnostik (summary) 11
Merck (summary) 4
PerkinElmer (summary) 25
PROMISE Advanced Proteomics (summary) 18
RECIPE Chemicals + Instruments (summary) 17
Restek (summary) 22
SCIEX (summary) 29-30 (2 booths)
Shimadzu (summary) 9-10 (2 booths)
Tecan (summary) 27-28 (2 booths)
Thermo Fisher Scientific (summary) 14-16 (3 booths)
UTAK Laboratories (summary) 1
Waters (summary) 23-24 (2 booths)
Zivak Technologies (summary) 21

Booth Placement & Assignment

Booths will be assigned based on sponsorship level > previous participation > date of application prior to May 11, 2018. First-time companies will be listed in RED. If you are a previous participant, or a sponsor, you may request any spot a first-time company occupies up until May 11, 2018, after which placement will be fixed.

Exhibit Space Cancellation

All exhibit cancellations must be sent by email to Chris Herold at

Cancellation Refund: See Exhibitor Application

Exhibitor Guidelines

Exhibitor Registration and Badges

  1. For each Exhibit Booth purchased Exhibitors will receive Discount Codes, good for:
    1. Four (4) Exhibits Only Registrations
  2. When registering, the Discount Code provided must be entered in the 'Discount Code' box.
  3. Please note that Exhibits Only registration badges are NOT valid for entry into the Scientific Sessions.
  4. If you require additional Exhibits Only badges, please purchase Exhibits Only registrations.

Congress Registration Details

  • You must self-register.
  • There are two types of registration: Exhibits Only and Congress & Exhibits.
  • All speakers and poster presenters must have Congress & Exhibits Registrations.
  • As an exhibitor, you receive 4 free Exhibits Only registrations.
  • To get the lowest rate on additional registrations, please register before the EarlyBird Deadline.

Exhibit Booth Specifications & Logistics

Booth Details:

  • MSACL will be providing a basic exhibit booth set-up with gray wall panels.
    • Booths will be 2,5 x 2,5 x 3,0 meters (depth x height x width).
    • Wall panel increments along the back (width) will be 1m + 1m + 1m (usable space 0,95m + 0,95m + 0,95m), and the side (depth) will be 1m + 1m + 0,5m (usable space 0,95m + 0,95m + 0,455m). The usable space is that in between the aluminum wall panel supports. If you intend to place posters, their width should not be greater than 0,95m unless you want them to go over the wall panel support (minor bump, see demo booth image).
    • The height of the wall panels will be 2,5m.
    • There will be internal side walls (i.e., between booths only) and back walls.
    • Corner booths will no, or shortened, end wall panels.
    • View single, corner booth mock-up at 2m depth (actual 2017 EU booths will be 2,5m depth).
    • There will be no high rails in the front of the booths from which to hang lights or signage.
    • The wall panels are a hard plastic. They will be a light gray. Tape may be used to adhere posters. Push pins will not work. Command Tabs from 3M are recommended.
    • MSACL will be providing black CARPETING. The Exhibit Hall has hardwood floors.
    • MSACL will be providing one (1) table (0,70 x 0,70 m OR 1,80 x 0,70 m), by reservation on booth application.
    • MSACL will be providing up to three (3) chairs, by reservation on booth application.
    • MSACL will be providing a basic electrical outlet for each booth.
    • MSACL will be providing one Wastebasket with daily trash pick-up for each booth.
    • MSACL will be providing basic Wireless internet connectivity.

    Additional Booth Furniture Rental:

    • You may also rent furniture from our exhibit booth provider, S-line, via the S-Line Rental Catalog S-Line Rental Catalog (PDF, 1.2MB). Deadline for orders is July 15. Payment for rental items should be made directly to S-Line.

    Exhibit Shipping Details

    • Please ship your exhibit booth materials to the Salzburg Congress Center, for arrival between Sept 3 and Sept 7, using the following address:

      Salzburg Congress
      MSACL Booth #[Your Booth Number] ] [ Your Company Name ]
      c/o Robert Hild
      Auerspergstraße 6
      5020 Salzburg AUSTRIA
      Tel: +43 (662) 88987-610

    • Your material will be placed at your booth on Monday, September 10 for set-up.

    Storage of Packing Materials During the Show

    Salzburg Congress staff will pick up your packing materials and store them in the basement of the congress center. On the day of breakdown, Congress staff will return your packing materials to your booth.

    Booth Set-Up:

    • Monday September 10 from 8:00 - 16:00.
    • Tuesday September 11 from 8:00 - 16:00.
    • Exhibition opens Tuesday Sept 11 at 17:30.

    Are You Doing a Custom Booth Build?

    • The custom booth must fit within the 2,5 x 3m area.
    • It MUST be approved by MSACL before July 15, 2018.
    • You can build you booth either on Monday September 10 and/or Tuesday September 11 from 8:00 - 16:00.

    Booth Break Down:

    • Thursday September 13 from 14:00 - 19:00.

    Shipping Your Materials After the Congress

    You will need to arrange pick-up with your carrier.

    What if I Cannot Arrange Pick-Up Until Friday (day after close)?

    1. Pack your materials for shipment with the appropriate shipping labels for your carrier.
    2. Be sure your carrier knows exactly what is being picked up.
    3. Label your shipments with your company name so that they are easily identifiable.
    4. Leave your packages at your booth.
    5. Salzburg Congress will move your materials into storage at the Congress Center for pick-up the following day.
    6. Your carrier may contact Robert Hild at +43 (662) 88987-610 to pick-up the packages, but HE IS NOT THE CO-SIGNEE .

    Return Shipment Support Option

    If you need a company to manage your return shipment, Lagermax (contact info below) is an option. They are NOT affiliated with MSACL and are not based at the Salzburg Congress Center. If you select them for shipment PLEASE contact them BEFORE the start of the congress to make preparations for picking up your material.

    Harald Wagmeister
    Lagermax Lagerhaus und Speditions AG
    Radingerstraße 16
    5020 Salzburg/Austria

    Tel: +43/662/4090-2299

    Exhibit Promotion

    Exhibitors will be permitted to send two email notifications to the opt-in registrants, TOTAL, not per booth purchased. MSACL will either send you a spreadsheet of the emails to which you may send the announcements, or you will be requested to submit your text copy to MSACL to then be sent to the current opt-in registrants directly from MSACL.

    No distribution of literature or other promotional items at hotel guestrooms, or in any other public or private area of the hotel is permitted.

    Exhibitor Rules & Regulations

    • Promotional Items and Activities
      Companies wishing to conduct contests, lotteries or distribute promotional items should send a request via email to Chris Herold at Exhibiting companies are permitted to distribute promotional materials that do not relate to food and/or drink, or the handling of such, at their Exhibit Booth location only. Under no circumstances should any items be provided to any employee of the hotel or MSACL for distribution to the attendee base. All items distributed must be made available to all meeting attendees as long as supplies last. No soliciting of registrants is permitted in the aisles or in other exhibitor's booths, or in any other area of the hotel. No distribution of literature or other promotional items at hotel guestrooms, or in any other public or private area of the hotel is permitted.

    • Subletting Exhibit Space
      Subletting any part of the exhibit space by an exhibitor is prohibited.

    • Sale of Goods
      The sale of goods or services of any kind in the exhibit area in connection with the Annual Meeting is prohibited. Order taking is permitted.