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Lightning Talks

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Lightning Talks provide a 90-second opportunity for poster abstract presenters and vendors to provide a brief overview of their work or their offering, respectively, from the plenary podium. This activity is intended to provide the opportunity for poster presenters to highlight their work and gain experience in oral presentation from the podium, and for Exhibitors to provide a quick overview that will help audience members understand en masse the products and/or services they provide. The latter is intended to help streamline the process of the attendee-vendor interactions where the attendee is trying to understand what the Exhibitor offers and whether it is pertinent to their needs back in the lab.

Poster Lightning Talks

Tuesday : 16:30-17:00

 #1a Red/Black Phosphorus and Phosphorene as Matrices and Calibrants in MALDI TOF Mass Spectrometry of Biomolecules
  Govinda Mandal
  Masaryk University, Czech Republic

 #1b Exploring the Effect of Urine Matrix Constituents on Recovery of Kidney Damage Markers in Urine Using a Targeted LC-MRM-MS Approach
  Tirsa van Duijl
  Leiden University Medical Center

 #3a Comparative MALDI-TOF Analysis of Staphylococcus spp. from the Environment including Antibiotic Resistant Strains
  Rory Cave
  University of East London

 #3b Intact-cell Mass Spectrometry for Pluripotent Stem Cell Identification and Authentication
  Petr Vanhara
  St. Anne's University Hospital Brno

 #6c Targeted Proteomics Identifies Proteomic Signatures in Liquid-Biopsies of the Endometrium to Diagnose Endometrial Cancer
  Elena Martinez
  Luxembourg Institute of Health

 #8c An UHPLC-MS/MS Method with Protein Precipitation to Quantify Fourteen Antihypertensive Drugs and Two Metabolites in Human Plasma: Update for Adherence Testing
  Amedeo De Nicolò
  University of Turin

 #13a Plasma Free Metanephrines Measured by LC-MS/MS: A New Diagnostic Tool for the Diagnosis of Neuroblastoma
  Giuliana Cangemi
  PhD, Istituto Giannina Gaslini

 #15d GC-NCD-QTOF Dual Detector in Quantitative Screening of 38 Stimulant-Type New Psychoactive Substances in Blood without Using Reference Standards
  Samuel Mesihää
  University of Helsinki, Department of Forensic Med

 #15e Three Dimensional MALDI-Imaging Mass Spectrometry Mapping of a Calcified Mouse Heart
  Stephanie Mezger
  M4I, Maastricht University

 #15g Cross-Modality Correlation of Multimodal Imaging Mass Spectrometry Data at Single-Pixel Resolution
  Patrick Wehrli
  University of Gothenburg

 #16a Development of Parallel Reaction Monitoring (PRM) Assays for the Validation of Biomarkers Associated to Alzheimer’s Disease in CSF
  Claudia Fredolini
  KTH – Royal Institute of Technology

 #17i Salivary Cortisol and Cortisone by LC-MS/MS in a ISO15189 Accredited Laboratory: What Happens when Changing the Calibrators?
  Giorgia Antonelli

 #22c Determination of Combretastatin A4 Influence on Human Lung Cancer and Mouse Melanoma as in vitro Cell Culture Models by SPME-LC-HRMS
  Karol Jaroch
  Dep. of Pharmacodynamics and Molecular Pharmacolog

Exhibitor Lightning Talks

Tuesday : 17:00-17:30

Agilent Technologies (summary)

Cambridge Isotope Labs (summary)

Chromsystems (summary)

Immundiagnostik (summary)

Merck (summary)

PROMISE Advanced Proteomics (summary)

RECIPE Chemicals + Instruments (summary)

Shimadzu (summary)

Tecan (summary)

Thermo Fisher Scientific (summary)

Waters (summary)

Zivak Technologies (summary)