Overcoming the challenges of implementing high value tests in the clinical lab



via Connect : Aug 31 - Sept 3 + 13-17


Open Access, Pay-What-You-Can

This VIRTUAL-ONLY congress will follow an Open Access, honor-system-based, Pay-What-You-Can model.

Attendees are expected to integrate their financial resource status with the value they expect to extract from the activity to determine their registration payment amount.

Our goal is to minimize financial barriers so that anyone who wants to participate, can participate.

If you do not have adequate resources to support the recommended registration, we trust you to select the most appropriate amount for your situation, even if that amount is $0.

Suggested Registration Amounts

Self-declared registration class
Suggested Payment
Student / Post-Doc / Fellow$ 60
Acad / Govt / Non-Profit$ 200
Industry$ 450