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MSACL 2015 EU Videos & Abstracts

MSACL 2015 EU Conference Registrants have complimentary access to protected videos ().

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Plenary Presentations

Mass Spectrometry as Metrological Anchor in Laboratory Medicine – a Meandering River
Linda MR Thienpont
Ghent University

The Cellular Uptake of Pharmaceutical Drugs Is Transporter-Mediated and Is Thus a Problem Not of Biophysics But of Systems Biology
Douglas Kell
The University of Manchester

Why Patients Adore Mass Spectrometry
Andy Hoofnagle
University of Washington

Steroid Metabolomics as a Discovery Tool
Wiebke Arlt
Institute of Metabolism & Systems Research, University of Birmingham, UK

Innovative Instrumentation and Methods for the Identification of Intact Proteins in Mixtures and for Sequence Analysis of Antibodies and Posttranslationally-Modified, Intact Proteins on a Chromatographic Time-Scale
Donald Hunt
University of Virginia

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